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IPAG Junior Conseil celebrates its new "Junior-Création" label

17 May 2019

Thursday 9 May, the IPAG teams gathered in the 6th arrondissement of Paris to celebrate the integration of the IPAG Junior Conseil into the prestigious Confédération Nationale des Juniors-Entreprises: a first step to the Junior-Entreprise status.

The Confédération Nationale des Juniors-Entreprises  federates the Junior-Entreprises of the biggest French business schools, since its creation in 1969 it has allowed more than 40 000 professionals to be accompanied by students on consulting missions. Our IPAG Junior Conseil now has a quality label that rewards the work done by its teams.

To celebrate this success, an afterwork gatheringr all the people who have been part of this adventure was organized in Paris. This friendly event was an opportunity to commend the teams work that enabled this project to emerge and grow, but also to thank the entire administration of IPAG and IPAG Alumni association which allowed the Junior-Entreprise to make itself known to professionals. The road to the Junior-Entreprise  brand is looking good and the members of IPAG Junior Conseil are more than ever motivated.




About the IPAG Junior Conseil

The IPAG Junior Conseil is a student association of IPAG Business School allowing students to propose missions to companies by meeting specific challenges through analyzes and studies, thus promoting the employability dynamic of IPAG students.

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