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An IMF Advisor invited by IPAG Lab !

20 January 2018

Over a decade ago, the collapse of house prices in the United States and elsewhere marked the onset of the global financial crisis. Today, the IMF’s Global House Price Index is back to its level before the financial crisis. Is it time to worry again?

Prakash Loungani, Advisor and Senior Personnel & Budget Manager in the IMF’s Independent Evaluation Office was the guest speaker at IPAG Research Lab to share  his views on “Global House Prices: Time to Worry Again?”. The seminar took place on January 6, 2018.


The debate has dealt with the following questions:

•The extent of synchronicity in house prices across and within countries: are house price booms restricted to a few cities?

•The drivers of house prices: are house price increases fueled by credit growth or due to supply constraints? what role are low interest rates playing?

•The policy response: are countries more actively using macroprudential policies to manage house price booms?”  

Prakash Loungani has been collaborating with the IMF for 20 years. His work as an economist makes allows him to be featured among the Top 2% of economists worldwide. His work was previously featured last year on the BBC and in the Financial Times and the Guardian. He blogs as The Unassuming Economist.

During this year, IPAG Research Lab will continue to welcome eminent experts to discuss on current economic and financial issues.

For further information about Prakash Loungani, please refer to his CV published by the IMF  



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