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Graduation diploma

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IntroductionUX Design is the cornerstone of digital service design and it is growing in importance with the development of the “phygital” experience. Indeed, the UX Designer is responsible for improving and optimising User Experience. After taking on board the aims and storytelling of the client, the UX Designer designs, in cooperation with product managers, developers or graphic designers, the models for the future interface, the aim of which is to initiate an emotive response in the end user.

Considered to be a consulting job, until now, UX Designers mainly worked for agencies. However, many companies who are now dealing with the challenge of the “user experience” are hiring this type of profile in their teams. This is where our Online UX Design Masters degree can make all the difference.

The IPAG MSc User Experience Design & Digital Business degree trains project managers who have a hybrid profile, at the crossroads between user issues and the resulting experiences, whether linked to physical processes or digital business. UX Design Project Managers are able to support companies with these strategic issues and to structure, manage and steer innovative projects on web, mobile or physical interfaces.

This online UX design masters covers all the tools associated with the communication and distribution of a product or service online in order to identify the business models, the design and the uses that are the most appropriate for new trends in consumer behaviour.

This MSc in User Experience Design & Digital Business is right for you if you want:

  • to invent new, creative solutions on a daily basis to improve user experience;
  • to gain skills in both design and management;
  • to work in an international and digital environment;
  • to support companies in their digital transformation;
  • to gain skills in marketing and digital communication techniques;
  • to earn a prestigious degree from a business school.


Minimum entry requirements

  • MSc in 1 year: a four-year degree (Bac+4 or 240 ECTS credits) or an International Bachelor’s or RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) qualification level 6/7
  • MSc in 2 year: a three-year degree (Bac+3 or 180 ECTS credits) or RNCP qualification level 5

For managers who are re-training or looking to gain expertise, 10 years of experience is required if the academic conditions cannot be met.
An English-language proficiency certificate is required during the application process (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS 6, etc.)

Contents of your application file
• CV and cover letter
• Identity document
• Copy of degrees and transcripts

The admissions procedure
• Review of the application
• Candidate interview (30 minutes)

Admission Manager: Jean-Philippe Delaunay
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About our MSc User Experience Design & Digital Business

  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Inspired by the traditional university model in English speaking countries, the Master of Science, more commonly known as the MSc is a Bac+5 (five years post-secondary education) degree, generally earned in just over a year after the completion of a undergraduate degree, intended for those who hold at least a Bachelor’s degree (Bac+3 or three years post-secondary). It is renowned for its international aspect and its operational approach, which gives graduates a high degree of employability.

The Masters of Science (or MSc) awarded by IPAG combine the academic and scientific requirements of this Online UX Masters Degree with the values and aims of the school, based on promoting a management model that is appropriate for a globalised and constantly changing world. They offer both professional and international aspects. Our graduates can therefore become operational in a job and/or specific business sector immediately.

This MSc in User Experience Design (with Digital Business) is offered in partnership with the ESDAC School of Design, Applied Arts and Communication, located in the centre of Aix-en-Provence, Marseille, Montpellier, Istres, Clermont-Ferrand, Lille, Lyon, Strasbourg and Rennes.

For more information:

IPAG’s online MSc programmes are built around a unique format enabling optimal development of managerial, technical and interpersonal skills. Learning is always structured as follows:

  • Core classes: acquiring the basics for a multi-skilled and responsible manager
  • Professional expertise: robust academic training devoted to the professional field selected
  • Soft Skills and Employability Course: development of behavioural and interpersonal skills, often essential for the role of manager
  • Executive Certificate: gaining business experience, in addition to the main course
  • Master’s thesis: completion of a thesis on an academic or operational subject relevant to the chosen field
  • On-the-job experience: possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

In short


Master of Science Bac+5 level (five years post-secondary)


Review of the application + candidate interview (30 minutes)

Teaching languages

French and English


1 or 2 years

Professional experience

Possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

Tuition fees

1-year course
2-year course


The growing number of screens, applications, web interfaces and connected objects has completely changed the way we think about and view the user experience. Today, integration of digital in the real world (IRL) has blurred the boundaries between physical and digital, which have made way for "phygital", and UX design now occupies a central position in many companies' communication and marketing strategies. Courses such as our MSc UX Design & Digital Business produce experts in user experience optimisation, who possess competence in both design and management.

UX Design: definition

User eXperience Design is a user-centred method that is used for the design of websites, software and mobile apps, for example. The aim is to create an optimum navigation experience in terms of usability, ease-of-use and interactivity by using the right architecture, effective page layouts, relevant multimedia content (illustrations, computer graphics, videos, etc.), an efficient information hierarchy and so on.

Why take an MSc in UX Design and Digital Business?

Today, most companies have integrated the idea of UX Design in their strategic considerations when marketing products or services. They are all, or nearly all, looking for experts who they can trust with the delicate task of creating or improving the UX of their applications or websites. By taking a course such as our MSc, you can acquire all the skills you need to assist these companies. Upon graduating, you will be able to assess and anticipate users' desires, in order to provide them with a positive experience, and manage a UX Design project from A to Z. Beyond this expertise, holding a masters-level qualification will give you a competitive edge on the job market.

What is the programme of our online UX Design and Digital Business course?

Our Master of Science UX Design & Digital Business produces UX Design project managers with a "hybrid" profile (at the crossroads of usage issues and the resulting experiences) by helping them develop dual areas of expertise, complementary skills with the Executive Certificate and soft skills.

Like all students taking our four online Masters of Science, you will follow shared core classes that are split into four modules:

  • Project management
  • Business Ethics and CSR
  • Research and dissertation methodology
  • Strategic Management

Specialist subjects in our MSc UX Design & Digital Business are related to two main themes:
Digital Business

  • Digital economy
  • Digital foresight
  • Webmarketing
  • Innovation Strategy in Dynamic Global Markets
  • e-Entrepreneurship
  • New Business Models of the Circular Economy
  • Trademark law and intellectual property

UX Design

  • UX Design - process, methods and creation
  • UX prototyping & ergonomics
  • UX optimisation: experience design and testing
  • Optimisation:  content strategy (SEO and UX)
  • User sociology and digital technology
  • Business English
  • Conference circuit

With the Executive Certificate, you will be able to develop one or more additional areas of expertise by choosing one or more of the following paths:

  • Innovation Manager
  • Intrapreneur
  • Diversity Manager

In order to grow your interpersonal skills and improve your employability, your course is accompanied by fully personalised Soft Skills coaching. Lastly, you will produce and defend a final dissertation, which will demonstrate your expertise in a subject area related to your future career.

How to enrol for the online UX Design & Digital Business Masters?

Our UX Design & Digital Business Masters, as with all our online Masters of Science, can be taken in one or two years according to your level of education or work experience.

  • The one-year MSc can be taken by those with four years of higher education (240 ECTS credits), an International Bachelor's or, in France, a level 6/7 RNCP qualification.
  • The two-year MSc can be taken by those with three years of higher education (180 ECTS credits) or, in France, a level 5 RNCP qualification.

And, if you have none of the above qualifications, you can take our online Masters of Science if you have at least 10 years' work experience.

The enrolment procedure includes assessment of your application (CV, cover letter, proof of identity, academic transcript, etc.) and a half-hour interview. If you have any questions about this procedure, please write to us at the following address:

Advantages of the MSc in UX Design & Digital Business at IPAG

Our range of IPAG online courses combine the teaching excellence that our school's reputation has been built on over the past five decades with the advantages offered by online courses (learn where and when you like, at your own pace). The educational content of this MSc has been produced by teacher-researchers and professionals, who are experts in their respective fields, in partnership with ESDAC (school of design, applied arts and communication). From the beginning of your course through to graduation, you will receive personalised, individual support. You will also have the chance to gain work experience with an internship or sandwich placement including four days a week at a company, which is made possible by the online format of this course. Lastly, the value of your qualification – masters-level and RNCP level-7 – awarded by a major business school, combined with the quality of the teaching, will guarantee you a high level of employability.

What career paths will be open to you following a Masters in UX Design & Digital Business?

Until a few years ago, the vast majority of companies called on consultancy firms or independent UX Design consultants when looking to design a showcase website, e-commerce website, new blog or application. Today, however, many are now bringing UX experts into their teams. A UX Design and Digital Business qualification will open up a variety of positions for you, whether in a firm or a company:

  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Digital Strategy Expert
  • UX Writer
  • Digital Entrepreneur
  • Lead UX Designer
  • e-Business Consultant
  • UX and UI Design Freelancer
  • etc.

The Programme

Core classes

  • Project management
  • Business Ethics & CSR
  • Research and dissertation methodology
  • Strategic Management

Professional expertise

Digital Business

  • Digital economy
  • Digital foresight
  • Webmarketing 1
  • Innovation Strategy in Dynamic Global Markets
  • e-Entrepreneurship
  • New Business Models of the Circular Economy
  • Trademark law and intellectual property

UX Design

  • UX Design - process, methods and creation
  • UX prototyping & ergonomics
  • UX optimisation: design experience and testing
  • Optimisation:  content strategy (SEO and UX)
  • User sociology and digital technology
  • Business English
  • Conference circuit
  • On-the-job experience

    Possibility of a work-study programme or long-term internship with a company.

Soft Skills Course

This course is dedicated to employability and the development of behavioural skills, often essential for the role of manager.

After completing a skills assessment with a professional, you will take part in different workshops, depending on your profile: job hunting, writing your CV, writing cover letters, preparing for a job interview or annual appraisal, negotiating or re-negotiating your salary, etc. These are all designed to help you in your new job and, generally, to develop your career.

Case studies

The MSc course is punctuated with case studies, often in the form of business games, developed by major companies. Thanks to these simulations, you will become more familiar with certain situations that you will face throughout your career.

Executive Certificate

In addition to your main course, you can earn one of our Executive Certificates to broaden your range of expertise.

Diversity Manager: is for those who manage diverse teams and want to make diversity a driving force for the development of their organisation, by understanding the challenges of changing social and societal norms.

Intrapreneur: is for those who want to grasp the key aspects of entrepreneurial leadership to accelerate the launch of innovative initiatives within a company.

Innovation Manager: is for those who want to play a cross-functional role in managing the innovative process or take part in key phases of the innovative process (R&D, Marketing, Production, etc.).


The UX Designer generally starts off their career taking responsibility for one or more projects, before taking on managerial posts such as Information Architect, Project Manager, Creative Director and even Agency Manager. Some sectors have  a particular need for this type of profile: Finance, Banking and Insurance, SaaS Software (B2B), E-commerce/Distribution, Transport/Automotive, Leisure.

Typically, those who graduate our online MSc in User Experience Design programme can look to go into the following roles:

  • Project Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • SEM Manager
  • Growth Hacker
  • Head of Technology Intelligence
  • E-Supply chain
  • Head of Ergonomics
  • Digital Strategist
  • E-Business Consultant
  • Social Media Strategist
  • Contractor Project Manager
  • Contracting Authority Project Manager


Tuition fees

1-year course

2-year course

* Prices are for initial training. In all other cases, please contact us.


Early Bird

Early Bird Rate -10% for candidates who confirm their registration before the 31st May 2021. Study scholarships and the Early Bird Rate cannot be combined.

IPAG Scholarship

Up to 30% off tuition fees
Am I eligible? Contact IPAG Online via the contact form.

Courses eligible for CPF funding

Easily fund your course with the Mon compte formation account.
Several funding schemes are available, feel free to contact us for more information.

Name of the course to access funding: level 6 professional certification entitled “Graphic and digital communication designer” [Designer de communication graphique et digitale], listed on the French Professional Certification Directory (RNCP) under number RNCP 34319.

Admission officer: Jean-Philippe Delaunay