Master 2 in Management and Energy & Ecological Transition


  • MAJ 15/11/2024

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Graduation diploma

  • Niveau Bac+5

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€15 000



Head of program : Mounira Elbouti
Mail :
Phone : 01 53 63 36 29

Executive Education Director : Frédéric ROSSI
Mail :
Phone : 01 53 63 36 22

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Boost your career with this unique programme to strengthen your position as a senior manager
And get ahead of the challenges of the energy and ecological transition.

IPAG Business School's Master 2 in Management and Energy & Ecological Transition, designed in collaboration with the e5t Endowment Fund, is an innovative, top-of-the-range programme specifically conceived for professionals with experience who wish to enhance their career or change direction. The aim of this Master's programme is to provide them with a global vision of business coupled with a thorough understanding of the specific challenges of the Energy & Ecological Transition. In an environment that is increasingly constrained by climate and energy, and where organisations are having to reconsider their economic model and move towards sustainable, low-carbon activities, the energy transition is becoming a real challenge to success.

After this diploma course, they should be able to foresee the technological, economic and societal disruptions to come, identify the strategic opportunities to be capitalized on and develop and promote within their organisation the new activities, new professions and new sectors of the post-carbon world.

This course can be adapted for people with disabilities. Please contact our advisers.


    • Enhance your skills in the company's key strategic areas: Finance, Marketing, Operations Management, Strategy, Human Resources, etc.
    • Strengthen your management skills and improve your leadership to develop your ability to drive change and design innovative solutions.
    • Master all the technical, economic and financial aspects of fossil fuels, renewable energies and new energies.
    • Analysing changes in value chains: new business models and increasing digitalisation.
    • Develop your strategy, make decisions and take action: business plan, reporting and financial profitability.
    • Extend your knowledge of market analysis and master the mechanisms of regulation and price creation on the markets.
    • Optimising energy-related costs and harnessing innovations in energy efficiency.


    Enrolment is possible up to the date of the last examining board before the start of the course (which can be held up to one week before the start of the academic year).

    Please contact the programme manager, Mounira Elbouti.


    Our modules


    • Marketing
    • Innovation and digital transformation
    • Project management
    • Strategy
    • Operations and Supply Chain Management
    • Organisations & Change Management
    • CSR and business ethics
    • Finance


    • Leadership  
    • Personal Branding 


    • Innovations and New Energies
    • Circular Economy
    • New Business Models
    • Energy Strategy Construction
    • Energy Project Management

    Programme put forward by EHETE

    A partnership between IPAG Business School...

    IPAG Business School is strongly committed to the issues of Energy and Ecological Transition, and in 2010 set up a research laboratory specialising in Environmental Economics. In 2016, the IPAG Chair "Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition" was created to study cooperation between countries in the southern and northern Mediterranean on energy transition issues.

    Each year, IPAG Business School organises :  
    - The ISEFI (International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues) academic conference, which brings together the world's leading specialists to discuss issues and prospects relating to finance, climate change and energy markets.
    - The Energy and Environmental Transition Innovations Fair, aimed at companies and investors involved in the Energy and Environmental Transition.

    ...And the e5t "Energy - Energy Efficiency - Economy - Environment and Territories" Endowment Fund

    Chaired by Myriam Maestroni, CEO of Économie d'Énergie SAS, the e5t Foundation is an operational think-tank focusing on the issues inherent in the energy transition. Its ambition is both to carry out and support actions of general interest designed to encourage the exploration of the natural environment by conducting a strategic reflection on the autonomy and improvement of the energy intelligence of territories.

    IPAG Business School and the e5t Foundation have decided to pool their respective expertise and create EHETE in response to a crying need for training in the challenges of climate change and the urgent need to take action on the energy transition. The school offers top-quality training for future decision-makers.

    The core curriculum is taught by a team of lecturers specialising in management, CSR, strategy, financial policies, marketing and organisational transformation. The specialised modules are taught by lecturers from the business world, including managers, practitioners, consultants, politicians and associations, all of whom are experts in their field.

    Teaching staff

    Professor Maria-Giuseppina BRUNA

    Full Professor of Management, Director of Ethics, CSR and Societal Research, IPAG Business School, Founding Director of the IPAG 'Inclusive Enterprise' Chair
    CSR and Business Ethics
    Futher information

    Mounira El Bouti

    Head of programme

    Frédéric ROSSI

    Executive Education Director

    Tuition Fees

    €15 000, price net of tax, IPAG Business School is not subject to VAT - eligible for CPF - RNCP code 15053.

    Our training consultants will be happy to discuss the various funding options available.