Management of struggling companies

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Management of struggling companies

Entrepreneurs, managers and executives of VSEs or SMEs:
how to detect the warning signs of serious difficulties in your business? On what points should you base your vigilance in order to assess the reality of the problems in the structure you are managing or intend to take over? How can you turn a company around and put it back on the virtuous path of profit?

This very concrete training course aims to provide you with the keys to understanding and relevant tools for identifying and anticipating difficulties, and addresses the management methods for moving from failure to growth.

The objective of this training is to present a dynamic and multidisciplinary vision of the treatment of companies in difficulty and a managerial vision of this problem.

Safeguarding businesses will be considered from four different angles:
- economic (with the origins of the difficulties and their effects)
- financial (specific methods of financial intervention making it possible to restructure a company and bring it back to equilibrium)
- legal (Business Safeguard Act modifying the mindset and approach of companies in difficulty, involving creditors in the safeguard process)
- social (addressing employment impacts, both qualitatively and quantitatively).

Specific cases of struggling companies will be discussed in the context of business life, as close as possible to reality.
A case study will illustrate the process from the identification of the first difficulties to the implementation of the optimal solution.

Objectives• Expertise in the financial and managerial diagnosis of a company
• Learning the basic techniques for turning a business around
• Knowledge of the basic legal rules of the company in difficulty
• Financing of a company in difficulty




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Management of struggling companies


  • 20 hours
  • Formation online

MODULE 1 - 4 hours
1. Business failures and economic difficulties
• Business failures and growth cycles
• Causes of failure
• Possible remedies to default outside the legal context
• Successive reforms of the corporate law in difficulty

2. Diagnose your company
• An essential exercise in the face of new business challenges in order to understand the situation - Tools to make the diagnosis
• Synthesis on the major balances of the company
• The deterioration process - the main causes of failure

MODULE 2 - 4 hours
1. Straighten, yield or liquidate?
• Emergency measures / Critical KPIs
• Managing the company in crisis  
• Leading men in times of crisis   
• Cases of companies sold by large groups and financing arrangements
• Case of the company that was a victim of the COVID health crisis 19: Sources of impact and measures taken by the government

MODULE 3 - 4 hours
1. The organs of the procedure
• Alert procedures and ad hoc mandate
• Conciliation
• The legal framework of the Business Safeguard Act
• The fate of the company during the observation period

MODULE 4 - 4 hours
1. Terms and conditions of a recovery plan
• The elaboration of the safeguarding plan
• Judicial settlement
• Judicial liquidation
• The fate of employees in the context of collective proceedings
• Safeguarding employment
• Dismissal for economic reasons
• Employee guarantees at the opening of the procedure

MODULE 5 - 4 hours
1. Case Study of a business failure: Société Délices du Palais
• Failure Cause Analysis
• Analysis of economic, financial and social issues
• Proposal of a business recovery plan


  • Entrepreneurs or professionals with a project to set up or take over a business
  • Managers and executives of VSEs and SMEs
  • BU managers

In Short


20 hours

Condition of eligibility / Admission

To follow the course under optimal conditions, it is necessary that participants have a good knowledge of :
• Financial management of companies
• Corporate Law
• Employment law


€1 500 net *
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Philippe DUBOST
Graduated from Essec in 1980 (Finance and marketing option)

30 years of professional experience in marketing, sales and finance in the food industry (General Foods, Knorr, Kraft JS, Système U ...) in Director positions.

In 2003, he acquired his first company through an LBO, then bought, turned around and resold, depending on business opportunities, companies in a wide variety of fields.

In 2017, he set up an investment fund in Luxembourg to act on takeovers in France in sectors related to the food industry.

Since 1982, he has been teaching marketing, supply chain management, financial management, and especially business creation and management of struggling companies in parallel with his career in Parisian business schools.

He also holds a Grand Prix from the Nice Conservatory (1977) and the École Supérieure de Musique de Paris (1980) in flute.

Teaching resources

  • Alternation of management principles and real-world business situations (red thread case)
  • Introduction of Excel management programmes allowing simulations and study of scenarii.
  • Group work on the turnaround of a French company


Modalités d'évaluation

  • Quizz en début de formation.
  • Travail individuel en post-module sur un cas réel de redressement d'entreprise, pour mettre en application et valider vos acquis.