Improving communication for greater efficiency



  • 2 days

Graduation diploma

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Develop your ability to communicate your decisions, your convictions, your enthusiasm...

Better communication leads to better interpersonal relationships.  Because poor communication leads to misunderstandings, loss of time and energy, tensions, it is essential to have the tools for more effective communication.

These two days of training should enable participants to identify obstacles to communication and acquire tools for better communication. The participants will then be able to manage various situations, both in a daily work environment and in complex or even conflictual situations.

Practical exercises will facilitate the anchoring of communication techniques and positioning.


Identify obstacles to good communication, become aware of mistakes that hinder good communication.
Acquire the right reflexes to better question, listen, argue and refute.
To train and put these tools into practice in a variety of situations (team management, conducting meetings, exchanges between colleagues, etc.).


Frédéric Rossi
Mail :
Tél : 01 53 63 36 22


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Improving communication for greater efficiency


  • 2 days

1.     Identify barriers to communication

 Why does communication often go wrong?
Why do we often feel that we are not understood?
 Why do we feel assaulted or aggressive?

2.    Apply key principles to communicate well

 How to communicate better, how to speak to be heard?
 How to be more effective by being better understood?
 How to understand others better?
 How to position yourself through good communication?

3.    Learning to listen

Become aware of the potential of listening in personal and professional relationships
How can you listen when you don't have time?
Acquiring the mechanisms of active listening
Listen to the person's entire message
Be attentive to non-verbal communication


Any employee facing a strong communication challenge or wishing to develop his or her ability to build true and powerful communication.

Course Advantages

  • Very operational training, based on the experiences of the participants.
  • Acquisition of tools that are immediately transferable to the daily life of the participants.

In Short


2 days


Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th November 2020


Condition of eligibility / Admission

No pre-requisites are necessary for this course.


€1 400 net *
*Net price, as the IPAG Business School is not subject to VAT.



20 years in the communication and media sector

  • Editorial designer and event project manager in advertising agencies
  • Sales manager and then head of creativity and B to B marketing communication at RTL's advertising network.
  • Communication Manager
  • Consultant, trainer and facilitator in companies and training firms, municipalities and administrations, associations and federations.
  • Communication consultant and freelance copywriter
  • Sophrologist and life coach for private individuals

Teaching resources

Interactive, cette formation prendra appui sur le vécu et les expériences personnelles et professionnelles des participants, qui donneront lieu à des mises en situation et jeux de rôles, qui permettront à leur tour de dégager les acquis théoriques.

Interactive, this training will be based on the personal and professional experiences of the participants, where role-plays will take place, which in turn will enable the theoretical knowledge to be applied.

Useful Information

  • Training sessions are organised throughout the year.
  • This module is also offered as a tailor-made module that can be adjusted and adapted (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and registrants.
  • No pre-requisites are necessary for this training.