How to manage business relations properly

  • MAJ 01/03/2023


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  • 2 days

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How to manage business relationships

Negotiators increasingly find themselves faced with buyers solicited by competitors, caught in their restrictive budgets, trained in so-called "aggressive" purchasing techniques.
Today's negotiator is therefore often led to redouble his efforts to be persuasive and adopt new postures to lock in a contract, to look for new leads to get his client to sign.
The success of commercial relations professionals depends first and foremost on techniques and behaviours adapted to differentiate themselves and succeed. This training aims to enable you to make the most of these methods.

Objectives• Structure and customise your negotiation methods.
• Integrate processes to build a true commercial approach geared towards sustainable success



Frédéric Rossi
Tel: 01 53 63 36 22


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How to manage business relations properly


  • 2 days

1. The business approach
• Identify the real need - Adapt your dial to the territory of the business relationship.
• Adopting the right posture - Identifying the breaking point of the interlocutor.

2. The sales meeting
• Understand and be understood - Be accepted by your interlocutor.
• Appreciate the ability to establish a winning business relationship - Have an adapted posture.


The course is aimed at sales engineers, sales representatives and sales managers..

Course Advantages

A highly interactive course that leads to consider each action as a springboard for performance.

In Short


2 days


€1 400 net *
*Net price, as the IPAG Business School is not subject to VAT.


Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October 2021

Condition of eligibility / Admission

No pre-requisites are necessary for this course.


Trainer's areas of expertise:

  • Negotiation and Business Relations, Professional Development, Sales Force Management, Multicultural Negotiation Management
  • Individual and team coaching

Professional experience:

  • Since 2012: Consultant Trainer Coach
  • 2009 - 2012: Store Manager
  • 2002 - 2009: Head of sales department

Teaching resources

  • Combination of presentation of concepts and principles with their technical and operational declination by reviewing the different stages of the commercial relationship.
  • To encourage an optimal appropriation of the method for each of the participants, by experimenting with techniques, during simulations based on concrete cases.

Modalités d'évaluation


  • Quizz de début et fin de formation.

Useful Information

  • Training sessions are organised throughout the year.
  • This module is also offered as a tailor-made module that can be adjusted and adapted (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and registrants.
  • No pre-requisites are necessary for this training.