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Symposiums and conferences organised by IPAG Lab


Each year, about 10 symposiums and conferences are organised by IPAG’s laboratory, all high-level meetings relating to the Lab’s research topics.

Bringing researchers, practitioners and decision-makers together

Circular economy, workplace integration, energy and finance issues… All symposiums and conferences organised by the IPAG Lab are dedicated to high-profile issues. These events are characterised by a strongly multidisciplinary and international approach. Held in both Paris and Nice with the support of prestigious partners, they bring together each year hundreds of experts from all around the world: researchers, but also practitioners and decision-makers.



International Research Meeting in Business and Management (IRMBAM)

Coordinator: Dr Asli Kozan

Partners: ESC Troyes, Telfer School of Management, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Created in 2010, the International Research Meeting in Business and Management (IRMBAM) is one of the greatest international symposiums dedicated to the scientific aspects of management including accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, logistics, etc. The event is held every year at our Nice campus.

International Symposium on Energy and Finance Issues (ISEFI)

Coordinators: Dr Duc Khuong Nguyen and Dr Khaled Guesmi

Partner: EconomiX (University of Paris-Nanterre)

The International Symposium on Energy and Finance Issues (ISEFI) was created in 2013 in a context of increasing trade liberalisation. It aims to analyse and study interactions between the finance and energy sectors. The event is held each year at our Paris campus.

Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC)

Coordinator: Dr Duc Khuong Nguyen

Banking regulation, financial market efficiency, ethical finance… The Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC), which was inaugurated in 2013, aims to foster discussions about major contemporary issues relating to financial management. The Conference is held annually at our Paris campus.

International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry (ICMI)

Coordinator: Dr Ilaria Dalla Pozza

Partner: University of Saint-Gallen

E-insurance, big data, gamification, new customer trends… Created in 2015, the International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry (ICMI) aims to monitor the changes affecting the insurance industry. The event is held once a year at our Paris campus.

Circular Economy Symposium

Coordinator: Dr Dominique Bonet Fernandez

Partners:Institut de l’Economie Circulaire

IPAG Lab created conferences on the Circular Economy in 2014 in order to assess the compatibility of economic and ecological systems, as well as to analyse the relationship between the concepts of circular economy and territory. Open to everyone, conferences are held once or twice a year at our Paris campus.


AssurMarketing Conference

Coordinator: Dr Ilaria Dalla Pozza

Partners: ActuariaCnam, Risk and Analysis

The AssurMarketing Conference is a leading event for the French insurance industry. Created in 2013, it contributes to the debates surrounding marketing issues in the insurance industry: intersections between actuarial and marketing sciences, multi-channel strategy, etc. The event is held annually at our Paris campus.

Lecture Series on Gender, Diversity and Inclusion

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Maria Giuseppina Bruna


Association française des managers de la diversité (French Association of diversity managers) (AFMD),
Association nationale des directeurs de ressources humaines (National Association of Human Resources Directors) (ANDRH),

European Association for People Management (EAPM),
Institut international de l’audit social (International Institute for Social Audit) (IAS),
Fondation Agir contre l’exclusion (Act against Exclusion Foundation) (FACE),

Fondation Égalité-Mixité (Equality - Gender Diversity Foundation),
Observatoire du dialogue et de l’intelligence sociale (Dialogue and Social Intelligence Monitoring Centre) (ODIS),
Observatoire social international (International Monitoring Centre for Social Issues) (OSI),
Observatoire de la Responsabilité Sociétale de l’Entreprise (CSR Monitoring Centre) (ORSE),
IMT Mines Albi [Engineering High School]
Institutional Partners: Ministries for Labor, for Higher Education, Research & Innovation, for Territorial Cohesion…

Created in 2016 by the Chair ‘Towards an Inclusive Company’, the « Gender, Diversity, Inclusion: New CSR Challenges » lecture series addresses workplace inclusion through transversal issues. It aims at assisting companies in combining social, environmental and economic performances.

The Chair has been co-organizing since 2016 more than 20 Conferences, sub-conferences and special tracks in international Congresses [EURAM, EDI Congress, IRMBAM, Rencontres Internationales de la Diversité, Universités de l’Audit Social, Colloque de l’ADERSE, Journées Humanisme & Gestion…]. The Chair’s team is affiliated to the EURAM Academy, Société Française de Management, IAS, ADERSE, AGRH…

The Chair has been organized more than a dozen of conferences on Ethics, CSR and Diversity issues to contribute to the sensitization of managers and academics (300 academics and 1500 managers and executives participating in the Chair meetings).

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