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Research topics of IPAG Lab


IPAG lab’s research topics are resolutely multidisciplinary, at the crossroads of economics, management and social affairs.

A committed research policy

Sharing economy, energy transition, inclusion in the business world… Researchers at IPAG Lab focus on major multidisciplinary issues at the crossroads of economics, management and social affairs. Their research topics are developed in close connection with both private and public stakeholders. Our ambition: to produce useful knowledge that provides long-lasting benefits to society.




Inclusive Business

Head : Dr Maria Giuseppina Bruna

Diversity and inclusion policies are increasingly seen as levers for organisational change and sustainable growth. The Towards an Inclusive Enterprise research chair supports their rise and optimisation within companies.

Les politiques de diversité, de mixité et d’inclusion sont de plus en plus perçues comme des leviers de changement organisationnel et de croissance soutenable. La chaire Entreprise inclusive soutient leur montée en puissance et leur optimisation à l’échelle des entreprises.

Quantitative Finance

Head : Dr Duc Khuong Nguyen

More than half of the volume of trade carried out daily in developed economies is generated by algorithms. The Quantitative Finance chair is dedicated to analysing the opportunities and risks arising from this phenomenon.


Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition

Heads : DrÉric Strobl and Dr Ingmar Schumacher

Global warming causes a worldwide upheaval, which upsets the natural, socio-political and geostrategic orders at both local and international scale. IPAG Lab analyses the social, economic and environmental consequences of this phenomenon.


Sharing Economy

Heads : Dr Dominique Bonet Fernandez and Hubert Tortes Saint Jammes

IPAG Lab contributes to bringing public and private stakeholders together around new business models focused on the sharing economy. It aims at creating a dynamic laboratory gathering companies, schools, universities, local and regional authorities, and civil society organisations.


Made in France

Head : Franck Dedieu

IPAG Lab analyses and measures the industrial, social, managerial, ecological and territorial impact of « made in France » products. It also makes it possible for partner companies to benefit from studies tailored to their specific needs.


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