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Our academic departments


Academic departments at IPAG offer an agile and innovative pedagogy adapted to the emerging needs of recruiters in a constantly changing world.

Courses updated each year

Academic departments at IPAG ensure the educational quality of our Programme Grande École. Composed of IPAG teachers and experts, the departments meet twice a year in order to update the school’s courses, ensure their consistency and strengthen their cross-cultural aspects throughout the entire curriculum. They are also responsible for defining the syllabi, validating grades and recruiting tenured professors alongside the director of research and facultyIn order to carry out their mission, IPAG departments rely on an extensive network of experts, which includes professor-researchers, managers and business executives.


Academic departments focused on 8 business sectors

Each IPAG department is devoted to a specific academic field and ran by a head of department. Their work is synthetised by the Programme Steering Committee, which updates the educational content of the Programme Grande École each year.

Logistics, International Trade and IT

Head of department: DDominique Bonet Fernandez

Marketing, Sales and Communication

Head of department: Dsabelle Aimé

Human Resources and CSR

Head of department: Dr Marie-José Scotto

Finance, Audit and Accounting

Head of department: DDuc Khuong Nguyen

Economics, Methods and Quantitative Techniques

Head of department: Dr Tristan Boyer


Head of department: Franck Dedieu


Head of department: Benjamin Vincendeau

Foreign Languages

Head of department: Christine Cadet


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