Executive Business Administration Master (MBA)



  • September


  • Part-time

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year degree

Teaching languages

  • English English
  • Chinese Chinese


Taught in China and on a part-time basis, IPAG's Executive Business Administration Master is an international diploma at Bac + 5 level, which is aimed at experienced executives wishing to boost their career and bring academic legitimacy to their professional experience. The course lasts a year and a half and consists of two parts:

  • One year of acquiring advanced skills in marketing, finance and strategy.
  • Six months of research for a thesis/dissertation related to the activity of your company.


Minimum entry requirements for the program

• Bachelor (or Zhuangke) level diploma from an accredited university
• 5 years of professional experience

Components of the application

• CV
• Proof of identity
• Letter of recommendation or proof of professional experience
• Letter of recommendation from a professor from the applicant's previous university
• Copy of diplomas obtained

The admissions process

• Evaluation of the application file
• Interview

Raphaël Lissillour : r.lissillour@ipag.fr

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  • Programme

  • Career

  • Fees

Executive Business Administration Master

Year 1: apprenticeship

  • Part-time

Thanks to the variety of modules and topics available, the 1st year of the business administration master is designed so you can develop all the skills necessary for exercising the highest responsibilities within a company. Additionally, research methodology courses prepare you to design your thesis topic.

Year 2: research

  • Part-time

Supervised by your personal tutor, you conduct your field study and write your thesis. Its topic must relate to a specific activity of your company that will benefit from your work.

In Short


Executive Business Administration Master diploma from IPAG at Bac + 5 level


Bachelor (or Zhuangke) level diploma from an accredited university
5 years of professional experience

Teaching language



2 years


Beijing (China)
Shanghai (China)

Tuition fees

€ 16,000 per year

Year 1

Learning Phase

Business Essentials
  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Leadership
  • Sustainability & Ethics
Global Business & Management
  • Global Strategy
  • Global Marketing
  • Global Mindset
  • Research method
  • Master thesis

Year 2

Research Phase


Obtaining an Executive Business Administration Master (EMBA) allows you to give new impetus to your career but also to legitimize your professional experience by a certain recognition of academic circles. Your research also helps you develop a new vision of your business.

Tuition fees

€ 16,000 per year