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Set up your assocation project


IPAG encourages you to set up your own association during your studies: an opportunity for you to develop your skills as well as your sense of commitment.

Get involved!

No need to enter working life to start getting involved in community life. At IPAG, we believe in the importance of associative activities, especially for young students. That is why we let you set up a project of your own during your master’s degree. You will then have to recruit talented individuals from among 2nd-year students with a collaborative and inspiring mindset.
" More than 40 student organisations on our Paris and Nice campuses "

Develop your managerial skills

Getting involved in student life will contribute to your personal development while helping you strengthen your managerial skills. You will develop essential know-how and soft skills that will bolster your professional project: learn to argue in favour of an idea, motivate a team, bring different profiles together around a common goal, juggle between innovative proposals and budgetary constraints, etc.


Some examples of student organisations

More than 40 organisations are active on IPAG’s Paris and Nice campuses. All projects are welcome: sports, arts, social work, etc. Wait no longer to create your own!

  • Equipag participates in the annual EDHEC sailboat race cruise.
  • IPAG Chef organises tasting events and culinary workshops all year round.
  • Les Petits Cuistots offers cooking lessons to hospitalised children.
  • GreenSchool promotes ecology within the school.
  • Empty Space introduces students to contemporary art, design and street art.