Dual Degree Management & Engineering

  • NICE


  • September


  • Full time

Graduation diploma

  • 5-year Master's degree

Teaching languages

  • French French
  • Italian Italian
  • English English


This degree is a specific path of the Grande École Programme. In partnership with the Polytechnic School of Turin, the programme trains professionals with dual skills: engineering and management. It allows you to obtain three diplomas:
●    An international Bachelor in Engineering at the end of the 3rd year
●    A Master of Science (Laurea magistrale) in production engineering and industrial innovation from Politecnico
●    The diploma of the Grande École Programme (master’s degree) from IPAG.

At the end of your 5-year course - 3 years on the Nice or Paris campus (1st, 2nd and 4th years) and 2 years in Turin (3rd and 5th year), you can take advantage of a trilingual profile tailored for an international career.


In the 1st year
Holder of a French Baccalaureate
• Parcoursup + SESAME exam and subject to obtaining the bachelor's degree

Holder of a diploma equivalent to the French baccalaureate
• On application + interview (French and English) for foreign diploma

Composition of the application file: identity card / last 3 report cards / last diploma(s) or transcript(s) / CV / letter of motivation / French language proficiency test: DELF / DALF / TCF / TEF. (French-speaking students or those who have completed two years of study taught 100% in French are exempt).

• Deputy director of Admissions: Christophe Pivaut
Mail : c.pivaut@ipag.fr
• Admissions officer – Paris campus: Marion Facello
Mail : m.facello@ipag.fr
• Admissions officer – Nice campus: Théo Montuso
Mail : t.montuso@ipag.fr

  • Description

  • Programme

  • International

  • Career

  • Fees & Funding

Dual Degree Management & Engineering (MIT)

Undergraduate: year 1 to year 3

  • Full time

1st year in NiceThe beginning of the course is mainly devoted to learning the fundamentals of marketing, law, management, finance and accounting. You are also taking Italian and operations management courses for your expatriation in Italy.

2nd year in NiceThe second year in Nice is about deepening and widening the teachings of the Grande École Programme. You are also strengthening your understanding and expression skills in Italian and you are continuing your preparation for the 3rd year of engineering at Politecnico. In addition, a group of Italian students having made their 1st year in Turin joins you.

3rd year in TurinOn the Politecnico campus in Turin, you will develop your skills in the management of industrial operations. At the end of this year, you obtain an international Bachelor in engineering.

Postgraduate: year 4 & year 5

  • Full time

4th year in NiceBack in Nice, you can specialise in International Business & Supply Chain.

5th year in TurinYou end your course with an academic semester in Turin, with a strong dominant “innovation management and industrial strategy”, followed by a 4 to 6-month end of study assignment. At the end of this 5th year, you support your Master thesis (Tési de Laurea) and obtain two diplomas: the IPAG Grand École Programme diploma (master’s degree) and the international Master of Science (Laurea magistrale) in engineering technological innovation and industrial production of Politecnico.

In Short


  • IPAG Grande École programme (5-year, Master's degree)
  • International Master of Science (Laurea magistrale M2) in engineering, technological innovation and industrial production from Politecnico (5-year degree)
  • International Bachelor in Engineering (3-year degree)



In the 1st year
Parcoursup + SESAME exam or on title for holders of a foreign diploma equivalent to the baccalauréat

Teaching languages

  • French
  • English
  • Italian




5 years


  • Nice
  • Turin


  • 2 years of studies at the Politecnico of Turin in Italy
  • Possibility of doing internships abroad

Work experience

12 to 16 months of cumulative professional experience over 5 years

Tuition fees

  • €10 500 per year in case of full payment
  • €10 700 per year in case of instalments
  • €1300 in additional fees in 3rd year
  • €2 600 in additional fees in 5th year


Track (MIT)

1st year in Nice

Teaching modules

  • Marketing, communication & Sales
  • Finance, management & Accounting
  • Law, geopolitics, economics
  • Office & Infographic tools
  • English
  • Italian beginner plus

Operations Management Modules

  • Mathematics, Physics, Algorithms
  • Products & Industrial Organisation
  • Intermediary Italian
  • Semester 1


  • Semester 2

    8 to 12 weeks front office sales internship


Business Game

Cases studies submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

X’Trem trails

New experiences based on surpassing oneself with the sense of teamwork: survival missions, military training, humanitarian commitment...

Culture and discovery trails

These allow you to develop your general culture, open-mindness and analytical skills: art history, geography, fashion, music, gastronomy...

2nd year in Nice

Business Teaching Modules

  • Marketing, Communication & Sales
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Management
  • Databases
  • Media training
  • Languages (English)

Operations management Modules

  • Mathematics, Physics & Algorithms
  • Industrial & Logistics Operations
  • Materials for applications
  • Technology
  • Industrial design
  • Operations English
  • Italian
  • Semester 1

    Business & Operations Management Courses

  • Semester 2

    8 to 12 weeks sales internship in a start-up


Consulting Mission

4-week consultancy mission for a company

Business Game

As in the 1st year, real business cases submitted by IPAG partner companies, to which the students, divided into teams, must respond collectively.

Culture and discovery trails

These allow you to develop your general culture, open-mindedness and analytical skills. The 2nd year is an opportunity to discover a new universe, completely different from the one explored during the 1st year.

3rd year in Turin

Teaching Modules

  • Corporate databases & Information systems
  • Industrial & Mechanical drawing
  • Technological materials
  • Quality Management
  • Sustainable development & Energy
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Work organisation in an industrial setting
  • Operations Research
  • General corporate policy
  • English

An intermediate diploma

Upon completion of the third year of the programme, you will receive an international Bachelor's degree in industrial production engineering from the Politecnico di Torino, a degree that will add to your CV and make you stand out when searching for an internship.

IPAG is the only management school in France to offer an intermediate engineering degree during a 5-year course in management.

4th year in Nice

Core modules

  • Marketing strategy, product launch & Business plan
  • ERP & Controlling
  • Management, ethics & Project management
  • Logistics, international trade & Purchasing
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Material flows & Logistics
  • Research methodology
  • English
  • Italian

International Business & Supply Chain Major

  • Global Trade
  • Business operations
  • International business law
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Performance management
  • Transportation & Warehousing
  • Semester 1

    Core and specialisation courses

  • Semester 2

    4 to 6 months internship in France or abroad
    Work-study possible

Consulting Mission

Supervision of 2nd year students as part of a consultancy mission for a company or a local authority: market research, communication plan, commercial strategy, etc.

5th year in Turin

Teaching Modules

  • Ethics, Industrial Relations & Corporate Strategy
  • Product & Process innovations
  • Production organisation & Logistics
  • Quality management systems
  • Innovation management systems
  • End of study paper methodology

Research Paper

Students choose their subject in the first semester with their Politecnico thesis supervisor, who then guides them through each stage of the writing process: constitution of the corpus, definition of the plan, the conduction of the empirical study, etc.

A pre-submission allows them to adjust the final work to be submitted (between 60 and 80 pages), before the presentation before a jury, which takes place in June or September in Turin.

The dissertation must be written and defended in English or Italian.

  • End-of-study mission

    4 to 6 months internship in France or abroad

internationalisation at the heart of the programme

The international dimension of the MIT programme is at once academic, linguistic and cultural.

Three campuses

During your studies in the MIT programme, you spend three years on the IPAG's campuses and two years on the Politecnico campus in Turin. In both cases, you work in a multicultural environment that prepares you to work in an international context. You will be in contact with students of all nationalities and establish a close relationship with Italian students from the same programme who come to study in Nice.

Three degrees

The MIT programme allows you to obtain three diplomas that are recognised and valued by international recruiters:

  • An international Bachelor's degree in engineering
  • A Master of Science (Laurea magistrale) from the Politecnico di Torino, one of the most prestigious institutions in Italy
  • The diploma of IPAG's Grande École Programme, also a Master's degree

A trilingual profile

By spending 3 years in Nice and 2 years in Turin, you naturally become fluent in both French and Italian.

Given that the courses are also taught in English, you end your studies with a trilingual profile. This is a major asset for a potential future career in a large European group.

Internships & Work-study


  • In the 1st year: 8 to 12-week long internship in a sales role
  • In the 2nd year: 8 to 12-week internship in a sales role in a Start-Up
  • In the 4th year: 4 to 6-month internship in France or abroad
  • In the 5th year: 4 to 6-month internship in France or abroad


Work-Study possible in the 4th year

Career Opportunities

With a dual skill set that is highly sought after by recruiters and a trilingual profile, you can apply for senior positions at an international level.

  • Consultant in Organisation & Strategy
  • Sales Engineer
  • Marketing manager for technological products
  • Industrial Management Controller
  • International Product Manager

Fees &

Tuition fees

  • €9 900 per year in case of full payment
  • €10 100 per year in case of instalments
  • €1300 in additional fees in 3rd year
  • €2 600 of additional costs in the 5th year

Work-study programme to finance your studies

Work-sutdy is possible in the 4th year of the MIT programme. This option allows you to finance part of your studies, while benefiting from a salary and an employee status. Depending on your situation, two types of contracts can be offered to you: the apprenticeship contract or the professionalisation contract.

IPAG Scholarships

Excellence Scholarship

A 50% reduction on the first year's tuition is granted:

  • to all students who have passed the baccalaureate with highest honors
  • to students on state scholarships who have passed the baccalaureate with honors

Merit Scholarship

As reduced tuition fees, the three best PGE students in each super promotion are rewarded each year for their excellent results up to:

  • €1500 for the Valedictorian (1st best)
  • €1000 for the Salutatorian (2nd best)
  • €500 for the 3rd best of their class


Family Scholarship

A 25% reduction in annual tuition fees is granted to students who have a sibling enrolled at IPAG in any other programme.

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% reduction in tuition fees is granted to all children of our graduates, regardless of the programme.

Other Grants

CROUS GRANTIf you are under 28 years of age, you can benefit from a CROUS grant under certain conditions. The amount of the grant is determined on the basis of family income, according to a scale established each year by the Ministry of National Education. These scholarships can be combined with those from IPAG.



You can benefit from ERASMUS grant for the 3rd and 5th years of the course in Turin. If you would like more information, please contact: Caroline Ferrero at c.ferrero@ipag.fr.