Creating and animating diversity networks

  • MAJ 01/03/2023


  • 7th October 2022


  • 1 day

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Creating and animating diversity networks: a vector of efficiency and agility

Develop the skills needed to create and animate diversity networks

This training focuses on the role of internal and external networks in the development of a diversity approach, combining managerial improvement and collective learning.
This module approaches diversity networks as facilitators, mediators and to leverage optimising diversity approaches. Particular attention is paid to the functioning of affinity networks (women's networks, LGBT networks, senior networks, junior networks, cultural networks, Happy Men...).
This training ends with a plea for a networked management mode, both agile and inclusive.

Delivered entirely ONLINE (delivered in real time with the speaker), this programme can be followed regardless of your geographical location.

Objectives• Analysing the foundations of a diversity change process in the manner of a network dynamic (carried and supported by networks of actors).
• Propose a new model of network management.
• To identify the place of networks as developers and reveal talents.
• Address the issue of social commitment and meaning to work.


Frédéric Rossi
Tel: 01 53 63 36 22


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Creating and animating diversity networks: a vector of efficiency and agility


  • 2 days

1. Introduction: concept and issues of diversity

2. A diversity policy as an approach to change
• What is a transformational diversity policy?
• The diversity heptagonist: the key internal actors of a diversity policy.
• Milestones of diversity change and processes of social regulation and collective learning.

3. Mapping of internal networks involved in a diversity approach
• Diversity expert networks,
• Functional referrer networks,
• Affinity networks,
• Networks of contributors (HR, buyers, communication).
• Relay networks.

4. Affinity networks shape trust and are laboratories for agile and inclusive management.
• Vectors of professional socialisation.
• Leveraging the reinvigoration of the confidence cycle.
• Stimuli for personal development, identification of potential and creativity.
• Laboratories of a new agile and inclusive managerial model.
• Vectors of optimisation and global performance.

5. Mapping of pro-diversity external networks
• Main inter-company networks promoting diversity.
• Mobilising networks in a "network logic".

6. Management and networks
• Managing networks: dilemmas and applications
• Network Management
• Managing a diversity policy through networks

Conclusion: towards an agile and inclusive action by a management OF and IN the networks


  • HR Director
  • Directors/Heads of Diversity, CSR/SD, Solidarity and Inclusion
  • Referees and diversity relays
  • Union officials
  • Operational managers in the public and private sectors
  • Association leaders


In Short


1 day


1st October 2021

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No pre-requisites are necessary for this course


€1 000 net *
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Dr Maria-Giuseppina BRUNA

Full Professor of Management, Director of Ethics, CSR and Social Research, IPAG Business School, Founding Director of the IPAG Chair 'Inclusive Enterprise
CSR and Business Ethics
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Continuous back-and-forth between theoretical contributions, examples and case studies will allow a perspective on the issues of inclusion and agility in business, as well as an application to the functions and sectors of activity of the participants.

Useful Information

  • Training sessions are organised throughout the year.
  • This module is also offered as a tailor-made module that can be adjusted and adapted (in terms of topics covered, training angle and format) to the requirements of companies and applicants.
  • No pre-requisites are necessary for this training.