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The apprenticeship tax, a vital contribution


Each year, companies support IPAG through the apprenticeship tax, thus contributing to our pedagogy and independence. The new apprenticeship Reform brought in by the government shall only apply to this tax next year. This is why the collection of the latter including the out of quota amount (scale) is so important.


Why pay your apprenticeship tax to IPAG?

While the apprenticeship tax is mandatory for any company subject to income tax, it can be freely paid to an institution of your choice. This mechanism is vital for IPAG: as an association under French law, the school does not receive any other funding aside from tuition fees.

By paying your apprenticeship tax to IPAG, you support an independent business and management school with an innovative pedagogy. Each year, you provide us with the means to adapt our curriculums to the requirements of the professional world, to help our students open up to the world, to prepare them for the positions you will need tomorrow, to provide them with individually tailored guidance, but also to pursue a high-level research policy. IPAG features in the prestigious 2018 Shanghai Ranking for Economics, alongside HEC and INSEAD last year, but also for Finance!

Some of the projects made possible by companies

- Obtained EPAS international accreditation

- Scholarship set up for students

- American Track: partnerships with American universities, including Berkeley, from the 1st year onwards

- Development of Business Circles with Alumni

- Creation of a new incubator

-Partnerships with other establishments for open-minded teaching.


" Nearly 700 companies supporting us each year "


How to pay your apprenticeship tax?

IPAG is authorised to collect quota and out-of-quota fractions (rate A+B) of your apprenticeship tax, as well as your potential additional contribution to apprenticeship (CSA).

Payment is made through an apprenticeship tax collecting organisation (OCTA), which is freely chosen by the company. We suggest that you contact Agefos PME, a partner of AGIRES Développement with which the school works in close collaboration.


Do you wish to pay the out-of-quota fraction of your apprenticeship tax to IPAG? Please indicate the address and UAI code of our Nice campus on your remittance slip:

  • UAI code: 0061715G
  • IPAG Business School
  • 4 boulevard Carabacel
  • 06000 Nice


Do you wish to pay the quota fraction of your apprenticeship tax or your CSA to IPAG? Please indicate the address and UAI code of our partner apprentice training centre (CFA) on your remittance slip:

  • UAI code: 0754273M
  • CFA Sup de Vinci-IPAG
  • 6/12 avenue Léonard de Vinci
  • Courbevoie
  • 92916 Paris La Défense Cedex


Check our apprenticeship tax detailed diagram

Contact us

Isabelle Jacquet, corporate relations officer

Tél. : 01 40 79 64 46

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