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Why support our research policy?


In 2016, thanks to the support received from companies and our alumni, IPAG has been ranked the 1st business and management school in France for research in economics by the RePEc ranking.

Benefit from customised expertise

If you are a company or corporation, you can intensify your research and development efforts by supporting one of our research chairs. Energy efficiency, environmental impact, social inclusion… All chairs at the IPAG Lab, our research laboratory, can provide you with customised projects suited to your concrete needs at a competitive price. Whether strategic or operational, these projects are led by high-level researchers, all renowned for their sectoral expertise.

IPAG research chairs

Quantitative Finance
Head : DHans-Jorg von Mettenheim 

Environment, Climate Change and Energy Transition
Head : DKhaled Guesmi

Inclusive Business 
Head: Dr Maria Giuseppina Bruna




The IPAG endowment fund

You can help fund IPAG’s research chairs by donating to our endowment fund. In doing so, you can benefit from a tax deduction on your corporate tax, income tax or real estate wealth tax.


Enhance your brand

Each year, six symposiums and conferences are organised by the IPAG laboratory. These high-profile and multidisciplinary meetings bring researchers, companies and decision-makers from all around the world together. From marketing to management to finance and sustainable development, these thematic events grant you with the opportunity to address current and emerging challenges while increasing your visibility both in France and abroad.

Our annual conferences and symposiums

The International Research Meeting in Business and Management (IRMBAM)
Head: DAsli Kozan

The International Symposium on Energy and Finance Issues (ISEFI)

Heads: DDuc Khuong Nguyen and DKhaled Guesmi

The Paris Financial Management Conference (PFMC)
Head: DDuc Khuong Nguyen

The International Conference for Marketing in the Insurance Industry (ICMI)
Head: DIlaria Dalla Pozza

The « Circular Economy» Symposium
Head: DDominique Bonet Fernandez

The « AssurMarketing » Conference
Head: DIlaria Dalla Pozza

Lecture Series « Gender, Diversity and Inclusion »
Head: Dr Maria Giuseppina Bruna


" Financial contribution or sponsorhip, supporting us also benefits to your business "

Support our pedagogy

The IPAG Lab’s research policy is key to our pedagogy. Its close connections with the business world allow us to provide students with cutting-edge knowledge and to update our courses each year. By supporting our research, you contribute to the training of future managers, preparing them to navigate a constantly-changing world.

Latest news
IPAG’s place as a top research centre was already cemented in last year’s issue…