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The IPAG endowment fund


By supplementing our endowment fund, you ensure the success of each student. You also contribute to the implementation of a world-class ambitious research policy.

Support cutting-edge research

The endowment fund’s primary purpose is to support our research policy. The research conducted by our world-renowned laboratory has allowed IPAG to be ranked 1st business school in France for research in economics by the RePEc international ranking in 2016, as well as to enter the prestigious Shanghai Ranking in 2017. A success to which both partner businesses and alumni have directly contributed by supporting our research chairs through our endowment fund.


Equal opportunities and meritocracy

By supplementing the IPAG endowment fund, you also support our commitment to equal opportunities and meritocracy. Your contributions allow us to create and fund scholarships for students from low-income families who have demonstrated academic excellence. Our scholarships are designed to provide access to our business and management school to all quality profiles. As of today, one out of four IPAG students receives such a scholarship.


Supporting innovative businesses

Our school is home to a business incubator of high added value. Expert advice, coaching workshops, connections with business angels, etc. Each year, your donations contribute to helping IPAG students and graduates carry out innovative projects. This essential support allows them to address the various stages of their projects with peace of mind, from developing a business plan to reaching their first customers. Nearly 60 start-ups have been created at the IPAG incubator since its inauguration in 2009.

Some of the businesses incubated at IPAG



Solidary contribution

Tax benefits

Whether you are an individual or a company, contributing to the endowment fund entitles you to a tax reduction.

- Individuals: you are entitled to an income tax reduction, the amount of which is equal to 66% of your donation and subject to a limit of 20% of your taxable income.

- Companies: you are entitled to a corporate tax reduction, the amount of which is equal to 60% of your donation and subject to a limit of 5‰ of your revenues.





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