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Apprenticeship for a successful integration


Apprenticeship contracts provide both SME and large corporations with the opportunity to train profiles tailored to the company’s specific needs.

Train your future employees

IPAG students can apply for sandwich courses in their 4th and 5th years of study. This option meets a growing success not only among students, but also businesses, which thus have the opportunity to provide long-term training, two to three days a week, to the young talents that will best support their development.

Two types of employment contracts available

IPAG offers 2 types of apprenticeship contracts for students and companies :

The apprenticeship contract: this contract is offered on our Paris campus for a duration of one year and a salary equivalent to 53 % of the minimum wage if you hire a 5th-year student, or a duration of two years and a salary equivalent to 61 % of the minimum wage if you hire a 4th-year student.

The professionalisation contract: this contract is offered on both our Paris and Nice campuses for a duration of either one or two years if you hire a 4th-year student, or a duration of one year if you hier a 5th-year student, with a salary equivalent to 80 % of the minimum wage in both cases.

The professionalisation contract is also open to Bachelor students from the Nice campus who have completed a BTS degree within their first 2 years of study.


Perfect profiles to suite your needs

Marketing B2C, accounting, business development, human resources management, network management… IPAG offers diversified profiles, all capable of supporting the development of your company in the long run.


Our sandwich course schedules

Interested in our unique profiles? Find out more about the sandwich course schedules on our Paris and Nice campuses by downloading the following files.


Sandwich course schedule 2017-2018 – Paris campus


Sandwich course schedule 2017-2018 – Nice campus


Submit your offer

You can submit your apprenticeship offers on our our dedicated IPAG Alumni online platform.

Firt time users need to acrivate their account when logging in by clicking on the « Companies » section at the top of the Home page, before filling in your family name, first name, current company and position. An e-mail will then be sent to you, allowing you to submit your offer.

Questions? Contact us

Paris campus

Marie-Alix Chancerelle, corporate relations officer

Tél. : 01 53 63 36 30

E-mail :


Nice campus

Chloé Tawfik, corporate relations officer

Tél. : 04 93 13 39 19

E-mail :