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When companies challenge students


Looking for an intern or a working student? Challenge our students with real-life situations in order to find the ideal recruit. IPAG organises business challenges all year round.

On the interest of business challenges

Every year, companies come to meet students and challenge them on an issue of their choice. These events are as many opportunities to meet high-level profiles that have been preselected by IPAG, and to assess their skills under real-life conditions: ability to analyse and summarise, stress management, creativity, precision, compliance with constraints, etc. Who knows? You might even glean precious ideas for your business.


IPAG PowerPoint Battle

The IPAG PowerPoint Battle is a competition organised in partnership with Microsoft and open to 3rd-year Bachelor’s degree students and Master’s degree students from the best French universities and management schools. About ten companies participate in the event every year in order to identify promising profiles. Your mission: to submit a practical business issue to candidates and to select those who have responded to it with the best PowerPoint presentation.

They participated in 2017


#Negoc’IPAG negotiation contest

Each year, 4 companies challenge the best students of our Master’s degrees in business. The principle of this business game: to have them resolve a trade negotiation case based on your activity. Each candidate has 2:30 hours to analyse the issue and present you with his or her recommendations. These rich interactions allow you not only to identify high-potential profiles, but also to benefit from an outside perspective on your business issues.

They participated in 2017


A historic partnership with Réseau Bouygues Telecom

For nearly 10 years, Réseau Club Bouygues Telecom (RCBT) has been welcoming 1st-year students from IPAG for sales internships in the Bouygues stores. Students having achieved high turnover are then awarded each year.

Latest news
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