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Foreign faculty


IPAG’s faculty shows a diversity of nationality. Almost 100 foreign professors from the world’s best universities and over 30 countries are part of the school teaching staff.

Core Faculty

Over 50% of IPAG’s core faculty holds a foreign passport. They all participate in developing our programmes in Paris and Nice and come mostly from North-America, Asia - Pacific, Europe, the Middle-East and North Africa.


Visiting Professors

Around 40 foreign professors teaching at our partner universities all around the world travel to France and carry out courses at IPAG each year. Many visit the school on both our Paris and Nice campuses during the International Teaching Week, a major event for IPAG. They provide students from all levels and classes with a priceless opportunity to benefit from international expertise, insights and specific know-hows.




They taught at IPAG in 2016-2017 :

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