Céline Bordone

Lecturer in Accounting


Email: celine.bordone@ipag.fr

Phone: +33 4 9313 3900

Campus: Nice



2012: CPA diploma

2007: DSCG diploma

2007: Master accountancy & audit (CCA) IAE NICE

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Céline Bordone is doctoral student in the 2nd year under the supervision of Mrs Elisabet Walliser (head of the GRM Nice laboratory) on accounting valuation of brands. Major CCA (Mention Bien) from the Nice IAE in 2007, Céline Bordone is a certified public accountant and has worked for 10 years in an audit firm (KPMG) and is currently an independent CPA.

Since 2017: Professor of Accounting at IPAG Business School

2007-2017: Public Accountant, KPMG

Research Areas

Intangible Capital, Brand Valuation

Teaching Areas

Financial Analysis, Budget Management, Accountancy, Consolidation