What is a business analyst and what training do you need to become one?

29 Nov 2022


Companies are increasingly looking for business analyst profiles, yet this function is often poorly understood. So, what does this job entail? Role, missions, skills, training… The IPAG business school sheds light on the job of business analyst.

What does a business analyst do?

The business analyst, also known as a functional consultant or business analyst, is specialised in the study and exploitation of a company's information system. This function comes from the marketing professions and is increasingly in demand for processing large volumes of data.

This expert acts as a link between the operational departments and the IT department. Under the direction of the marketing director, his or her role is to analyse and process the various processes (sales, logistics, finance, production) in order to obtain results from the company's activity. The objective of the business analyst is to align the sales, logistics and production processes with the market constraints and to make the necessary corrections.

In which sectors do business analysts work?

Business analysts work in a wide range of sectors, particularly in large companies in the digital, IT and financial sectors and in auditing firms. Following a master's degree in marketing, the business analyst may move into IT or marketing functions.

What are the main tasks of a business analyst?

The business analyst has a number of tasks to perform and must find relevant solutions to the company's various needs. One of the main tasks of this expert is to analyse and monitor business results in order to establish strategic recommendations at the organisational, IT and technical levels.

As an intermediary between the various departments, he/she draws up specifications that are accessible to all to ensure that the tools are properly appropriated by the users. He or she carries out market studies to understand the environment in which the company operates, with the aim of improving and forecasting its strategic decisions. They also propose an action plan and draw up budget forecasts in order to provide relevant development guidelines.

The skills needed to be a good business analyst

The business analyst has excellent data analysis skills and masters the various IT and reporting tools. A good knowledge of the market and the sector of activity in which he/she operates is a plus. A command of a second language is also appreciated if the business analyst works in an international context.

In addition to technical skills, the business analyst must possess a number of qualities that are essential for the successful completion of his or her assignments. They must be rigorous and demonstrate a strong capacity for analysis. Working with different departments, they must be good listeners, have good interpersonal skills and be able to convince.

What training is required to become a business analyst?

Business analysts generally have a five-year degree from a business school, university or engineering school, with a specialisation in IT, statistics, marketing, management control or finance.

In order to acquire the skills needed to become a business analyst, the IPAG business school offers an MBA. This course of study with an international dimension gives the opportunity to specialise in project management, innovation management, international business development and finance.

Discover also the MSc Digital Marketing & Data Analysis, our online course which allows students to develop numerous managerial, technical and relational skills. IPAG's masters courses offer future graduates numerous job opportunities in various sectors of activity.

What are the possible evolutions for the business analyst?

The business analyst's job opens up various career prospects. The business analyst can move into strategic consultancy roles as a consultant. After several years of experience, they can also move into management positions and take on the role of project director, big data manager or information systems director.


What is the salary of a business analyst?

The job of business analyst is interesting for the salary development possibilities it offers. A junior business analyst can expect a salary of between €35 and €45,000. An experienced profile can earn a salary of between €50 and €70k, while a senior business analyst can expect a salary of up to €90k. The salary depends on the responsibilities of the business analyst, the sector of activity and the size of the company.

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