How to find a student accomodation in France?

12 Aug 2019

A student that is moving in his new student flat

You got your results and you are accepted in the school of your choice for the next start of the academic year! But now, the school in which you are going to study is located in another city, you will have to move. Rent, comfort, location, amenities ... How to choose a student housing depending of your budget and criterias? Find our advice below!


Different types of student accomodation


As a student, there are many options available for you when you are looking for an accommodation. Between individualsor with the help of real estate professionals: there are many ads. But what are the different ways of finding your home?


University residencies


CROUS residencies, private residencies: university housing is generally located near schools and, most of the time, meets the needs of students in terms of budget, amenities and equipment. Please note that these residencies sometimes include services such as gym, launderette, cafeteria, student parking, etc. The student housing offered by the CROUS is generally subject to specific social criterias and is mainly awarded to scholarship students.


Flat sharing


Don’t be discouraged by the price of rents, especially in Paris: sharing a flatwith other students or roommates is an option that you should consider. This solution allows you to live in a community while having access to more spacious or more comfortable housing in terms of equipment or amenities. Having a shared room is a way appreciated by students because it enables them to share all the costs related to the housing in addition to the rent: electricity, gas and water, internet equipment or the Home Insurance.


A room in a homestay


In a different home sharing format, renting a room in a homestay is another way of looking at student housing. This housing enables hosts (people or families) to rent a room in their main residence and thus supplement their revenue.In return, students can find an accommodation at a lower cost. This "win-win" rental system sometimes allows intergenerational mutual assistance and promotes assistance to the elderly who need help and support: a less expensive solution for students.


Homes for students and young workers


These housing solutions are offered to young workers, from 18 to 32, for a duration ranging from a few days to two years. These homes allow students to benefit from low-cost temporary housing while finding a more sustainable solution. This system is also intended to assist you in your search for a student job to finance your future housing.


Private housing


You haven’t found a roommate, your application for a university room has been refused, there is no available housing at the university residence or you prefer simply to live in a property rented by an individual or a professional, you have the following option: private housing.

Whether it is a studio or a two-room housing, you have the choice between furnished housing or not. Although the deposit is higher for a furnished studio, the advantage of having equipment available upon your arrival is not negligible and facilitates your move: you just have to settle in!


Where to look for student accomodation?


Searching a student accomodation can be a real ordeal when the school results are published. That is why it is important to identify in advance the different solutions and check some websites to find the appropriate housing offer.


Real estate agencies


By calling real estate professionals, your search will be easier. An agency can take care of your housing search according to your budget and your selection criteria while they are aware of the reality of the real estate market. Visits, relations with the landlords, drafting of the lease agreement, signature of the lease: the agencies take care of all the administrative part. Obviously, these services represent an additional cost to you, including the handling fees.


Between individuals


Today, it is relatively easy to find housing  without intermediary and therefore directly from individuals. Thus, you save the costs associated with the intervention of a professional. Many sites like Le Bon Coin or PAP facilitate the search for available housing by listing classified ads. There are also sites specialised in student rental such as Lokaviz or Location-Student.


IPAG Housing


At IPAG, we integrated the studapart network to help our students finding their home with IPAG Housing. Advice, sharing or mutual aid… this network offers the possibility to  create groups where information can be exchanged  around this theme to support members in their search for student housing. An administrative help space is also available to help you set up your rental file.


Our advices to rent a student housing


Before you start to look for a flat, here are some elements to take into account to optimise your research.

The location of your future home is an important element not to neglect because being close to your schoolmay allow you to reduce your transport costs. If the area of your future establishment presents too many constraints, bet on a housing located near the closest transport or the fastest commute to the school.

Plan a budget for the various possible expenses when applying for a flat: the deposit, the first rent, the fees, the necessary equipment if they are not included, etc. Also take precautions with respect to the payment dates for these different amounts.

Find out about the financial aids that are potentially allocated to you: application for a scholarship, allowances from the Family Allowance Fund (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales in French), housing benefits, CROUS contributions, etc. Different establishments also grant aids, either to pay a part of your rent or to be a guarantor when applying for accommodation: Locapass, Visale, Action Logement, Mobilijeune, etc.