Bachelor Pro BTS Path

  • NICE


  • September


  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Graduation diploma

  • 3-year Bachelor degree
  • 2-year BTS degree

Teaching languages

  • French French


The BTS-Bachelor's course is a short, professional and international programme that allows you to prepare - during two years - for the national examination of the "Brevet de Technicien Supérieur" (BTS) before continuing your studies, if you choose to, with one year in a Bachelor's degree. Upon completion of your programme, you are ready to move on to the job market with two diplomas on your resume: a BTS 2-year degree and, eventually, a 3-year Bachelor degree.



In the first year, conditional upon completion of the baccalaureate or equivalent.
In the 3rd year, subject to obtaining 120 ECTS credits (BTS, DUT, etc.).

Application file content
● Last three school reports
● Baccalaureate results or transcript of grades of the early tests
● Resume (CV)
● Cover Letter
● TCF level B2 certificate for graduates with a foreign diploma

The 3 steps of the admissions process
● Evaluating the application
● Written tests of logic, English and cultural literacy (30 minutes)
● 30-minute motivational interview
Find the annals in order to prepare the tests.

• Deputy director of Admissions: Christophe Pivaut
Mail :
• Admissions officer - Nice campus: Jimmy Huynh
Mail :

  • Description

  • Programme

  • International

  • Career

  • Fees and Funding

Bachelor Pro BTS Path

BTS Specialisations

  • Full time
  • Work-Study

You will be taught how to design and implement communication campaigns of all types (advertising, events, relational, etc.), both in a company and in a public organisation or specialised agency. You will also assimilate the legal and economic foundations and the cultural references necessary for the exercise of your future profession. Finally, you will be trained in the use of the essential software for creating media: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator.

International Trade
You will explore the main rules of trade and international law and learn how to keep a constant watch on foreign markets, prospecting for purchases and sales, and how to negotiate with foreign contacts in a cross-cultural environment. This BTS "with a common European reference system" now exists in 8 other countries: Spain, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Switzerland. It was designed according to the needs of the European market and is internationally recognised. It consequently offers many career opportunities abroad.

Operational Commercial Management (Former MUC)
This BTS, which replaced the BTS MUC (Business Unit Management) to keep pace with the digital boom, prepares you to take responsibility for a small business unit at the start of your career, or a larger one after a few years of experience: shop, supermarket, sales agency, e-commerce site, etc. During your studies, you will study the basics of marketing, economics and management before specialising in customer relations and commercial management.

Real Estate
This programme allows you to become a real estate professional, whether in an agency, a property management firm, a housing association or a construction development company. You will also learn the sector's specific techniques in terms of deals (advice, intermediation between seller/landlord and buyer/tenant) and real estate management (administration of different types of real estate). After graduation, you will be eligible to obtain two professional cards that are indispensable for the pursuit of certain professions: the G (Management) card for rental management or the T (Transaction) card, which allows you to open a real estate agency.

Management of SMEs
This BTS prepares you to carry out administrative and sales functions that are essential to the smooth running of a small or medium-sized company: human resources management, customer relationship, internal or external communication, etc. You will familiarise yourself with the SMEs organisations and how they operate, follow courses in human resources management, risk management, corporate communication, general education, economic, legal and management. At the end of the curriculum, you will be able toapply for positions that can assist the SME managing director: sales assistant, executive assistant,  assistant manager, etc.

Bachelor Specialisations

  • Full time

Digital marketing & communication
In this third year of your Bachelor's degree, you will learn to use the knowledge acquired during your two years of BTS in the specific fields of the web and social networks. At the end of your studies, you will be able to design and conduct marketing and digital communication operations, both in agencies and with advertisers. You will also be able to design e-commerce sites and manage a brand's communities on social networks.

Luxury Management
During this year of Bachelor's study, you will become experts with a triple expertise in management, marketing and digital techniques applied to the luxury industry. The different courses offer you a complete panorama of this universe: history and culture of luxury, luxury law, intercultural management, etc.  You will then be able to design and implement a marketing or communication strategy in the Luxury sector. Throughout the year, you can also choose to continue learning Russian or Chinese, a language skill particularly appreciated by recruiters in the sector.
International TradeHaving completed a third year of Bachelor's study, you are ready to occupy high-ranking roles than you would with a BTS, whether in the French subsidiary of a foreign group or in the foreign subsidiary of a French company. During this year, you will deepen your knowledge in supply chain, international law, economics and finance. In addition, you will continue your learning of the negotiation techniques with a module of advanced English applied to negotiation techniques.

Real Estate
During this third year, you will be specializing in commercial real estate and international real estate. You will therefore follow all the courses necessary for the exercise of your profession in these two specific areas: commercial development, international real estate law, real estate negotiation, etc. Upon completion of your studies, you will be able to operate in the field of real estate with foreign clients or abroad in a franchise network. You will also be an expert in dealing with individuals and professionals, mastering the management of commercial leases and the legislation in force.

Accounting and Human Resource Management
You will prepare yourself to work in accounting and human resource management in a company, a bank, an insurance company or an institution. You will therefore improve your legal and regulatory expertise in human resource management, recruitment, financial management or payroll management. Furthermore, you will learn to master specialised accounting management software. At the end of this training, you will be able to assist an HR Director on his main missions: recruitment, personnel management, management of training, skills and careers.

In Short


  • BTS/HND: 2-year degree
  • Bachelor: 3-year degree


  • In the 1st year, conditional to obtaining the baccalaureate or equivalent
  • In the 3rd year, subject to obtaining 120 ECTS credits (BTS, DUT, etc.)



Teaching language



  • 2 years in BTS
  • 1 year in Bachelor



Work Experience

  • 10 months of experience minimum over the course of 3 years
  • Possibility of apprenticeship in BTS


  • The opportunity to do a 6-month internship abroad in the 3rd year
  • The requirement to complete a 6-month internship abroad in the 3rd year for International Trade students



Tuition fees

1st & 2nd year (BTS) entry:

  • €5 300 per year, in case of payment in full
  • €5 500 per year, in case of instalments

3rd year (Bachelor) entry:

  • €7 900 per year in Bachelor

Our 2-year BTS programme in Nice To find out more

BTS: Description and principles

The BTS, the Advanced Technician's Certificate is a post-baccalaureate degree, which is recognised and professionalising, with an emphasis on specialisation in all fields (agricultural, industrial, tertiary, etc.). It can be completed in high schools, apprentice training centers, business schools, specialised schools or even in distance learning institutions. 


Characteristics of the BTS


The BTS is a selective programme, immediately upon completion of the baccalaureate. The diploma is acquired after two years of study, perfect for those who wish to quickly join the labor market! However, there are exceptions: some BTS can be obtained in just one year, while some specialties require a one-year refresher course before starting the actual training.

There is a multitude of specialisations in BTS: communication, design, dietetics, hotel business, management and administration, audiovisual... to name but a few, as there are 118 different ones in the list of BTS!


What is the distinction between the BTS and the DUT?

The BTS (Brevet de technicien supérieur) and the DUT (Diplôme universitaire de technologie) are two separate, selective, two-year courses, accessible directly after the French baccalaureate.

While both are vocational, the BTS is designed for students who already have a clear idea of the future profession they would like to pursue. Indeed, there are more than a hundred BTS specialties. The DUT is more generalist, with only 24 specialties in the industrial and service sectors. It is therefore more advisable for students who want to study in a broader field and possibly pursue further studies afterwards.

The BTS is thus more professionalising, and graduates already have some professional experience. The course is in fact interspersed with internships in companies, but it is also possible to complete the BTS on a part-time work-study basis.


How to choose your BTS?

To pick the BTS of your dreams, you should already ask yourself about your professional project. According to your aspirations, your interests and your baccalaureate programme, you will choose your field of specialisation.

Then, you obviously have to choose the city where you would like to study and above all your institution: do you want to study in a business school, such as IPAG, or in a public institution? 

Don't hesitate to find out about the quality of teaching on the different campuses, by participating in open days or attending trade fairs... The different IPAG BTS courses available on the Nice campus are very popular and our graduates are proof of the quality of the training and the excellence of the lecturers. By preparing your BTS in a graduate school, you will benefit from a large network of companies, career coaching and, of course, the atmosphere of a prestigious school!


Why should I attend a BTS at IPAG Nice after the baccalaureate?


The BTS, one of  IPAG's programmes, is the ultimate diploma for students who like to be hands-on, as the course combines theoretical and practical teaching. At IPAG, your studies are marked by lectures, professional meetings, internships or work-study programs, business games, projects...

It continues to be a reliable degree, whose content is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in the industry.

Furthermore, it constitutes an excellent transition after high school: rather than being "drowned in the mass" as at university, in BTS, on the contrary, you are guided throughout your schooling! The school gives you advice and helps you develop your professional project. Thus, our Career Center facilitates the search for an internship and arranges individualised coaching sessions.

With meticulous preparation by our teaching staff, who are familiar with the expectations of the examination boards, the success rate of our students is outstanding! Once you graduate from your BTS, you will be quickly operational and ready to join the labor market. 


Which BTS can I choose on the Nice campus?

On its campus in Nice, IPAG dispenses four BTS courses. All of them can be carried out on a work-study basis and are obviously combined with internships in companies.

The 4 specialities are :

  • BTS in Communication : helps prepare students for all aspects of communication (advertising, events, relational), with an emphasis on technique and mastery of DTP.
  • BTS in International Trade : This degree trains students to become specialized import-export specialists, capable of coordinating international operations.  
  • BTS in Sales and Operations Management (formerly BTS MUC) : the perfect BTS for students aspiring to become leaders of business units.
  • BTS in Real Estate Careers : a complete curriculum to develop the technical skills necessary for the real estate sector, in particular in terms of real estate transactions and management.

What can I do after a BTS?

Although obtaining a BTS offers many opportunities, nearly 50% of students in BTS programmes choose to pursue graduate studies in order to specialise further and acquire more skills. Two options are then available to them: the Bachelor's degree and the Licence, which open their admissions in the 3rd year to BTS holders.

The professional bachelor's degree is a 3-year baccalaureate degree, which is popular with students who have completed a BTS, as it allows them to specialize more over the course of a year. It is thus an opportunity to build more precise skills, always in line with market expectations. As such, recruiters highly value this type of degree. There are nearly 2,000 professional licences grouped in 173 courses, so you'll be spoilt for choice!

After a BTS, the 3-year bachelor is highly recommended for students who wish to embark on an internationally oriented career!

Some programmes can be done on a part-time basis, which gives the opportunity to acquire highly valued operational know-how later on! They can also be a springboard for continuing higher education with a master's degree.

1st Year



  • Culture of communication
  • Business management
  • Economy
  • Law governing communication
  • Communication activities
  • CRA (Advertiser Relations Council) and commercial relations
  • DTP/PAO (Computer-Aided Programming) and computer graphics
  • Communication projects and practices
  • Manufacturing workshop
  • Operational monitoring

Commercial Management Operations (former MUC)

  • General background and expression
  • Economic, legal and managerial culture
  • Sales team management
  • Customer relationship development and sales consulting
  • Promotion and dynamisation of the commercial offer
  • Business Management
  • Commercial IT
  • Communication
  • Semester 1

    Work-study possible (under conditions)

  • Semester 2

    7 to 8 week internship
    Work-study possible (under conditions)

International Trade

  • Literacy and Expression
  • Business management
  • Economy
  • Law
  • VCA (Market Research and Intelligence), analysis and benchmarking of foreign markets
  • Prospecting and client follow-up
  • Intercultural communication and management
  • Managing information systems

Real Estate

  • Basic literacy and self-expression
  • Real estate deal
  • Co-ownership management
  • Rental management
  • Taxes
  • Real estate law
  • Architecture, housing, urban planning and sustainable development
  • Conducting and presenting professional activities
  • Professional communication (in French and English)
  • Economics and real estate organisation

An optional entrepreneurship module

This course/module is targeted to all students who have a business start-up project or who wish to acquire skills in business management and leadership. It is the subject of 40 hours of specific courses in the 1st year.


Management of SMEs

  • Functioning and development of SMEs
  • Customer and supplier relationship management for SMEs
  • Personnel management and contribution to HR
  • Risk management for SMEs
  • Business communication
  • Economic, legal and managerial culture
  • General culture and expression
  • Modern foreign language


Business Game

A 3-day Business Game during your welcome week.

Starting blocks

A seminar and workshops in order to start preparing you to enter smoothly the job market.

Business roundtables & Conferences

Business roundtables: meetings, exchanges and debates with professionals in each sector.
Lectures on key economic news topics throughout the year.


2nd year



● Communication culture

● Business Management

● Economy

● Law governing communication

● Communication activities

● CRA (Advertiser Relations Council) & commercial relations

● DTP/PAO (computer-aided programming) & computer graphics

● Communication projects & practices

● Manufacturing workshop

● Operational monitoring

Operational Commercial Management (Former MUC)

  • General background & expression
  • Economic, legal & managerial culture
  • Management & Business unit mnagement (MGUC)
  • Business Unit Development (UCD)
  • Commercial IT
  • Semester 1

    Work study possible for all specialisations

  • Semester 2

    4 to 7 weeks internship
    Work study possible for all specialisations

International Trade

● General culture & Expression

● Business management

● Economy

● Law

● VCA (Market Research and Intelligence), analysis & Analysis of foreign markets

● Import & Export operations management

● Prospecting & Follow-up of customers

● Negotiation (in French and English)

● Management of information systems

Real Estate

● General culture & Expression

● Real estate deal

● Property management

● Rental management

● Taxes

● Real estate law

● Architecture, housing, urban planning & Sustainable development

● Conduct & Presentation of professional activities

● Professional communication (in French and English)

● Economics & Real estate organisation

An optional entrepreneurship module

This unit consists of 40 hours of specific courses in the second year. For students in Operational Commercial Management, the course is the subject of an official BTS oral test - only points above the average are counted.


Management of SMEs

  • Functioning and development of SMEs
  • Customer and supplier relationship management for SMEs
  • Personnel management and contribution to HR
  • Risk management for SMEs
  • Business communication
  • Economic, legal and managerial culture
  • General culture and expression
  • Modern foreign language


An export mission for all International Trade students

A week abroad during which you help a local company to develop its market internationally

Real BTS training sessions

Real BTS training sessions to practice for the school final exam (in real conditions)

Seminars & Workshops

Lunch and learn: lunches with experts who come to share their experience from the battlefield
Starting blocks: a seminar and workshops to help you prepare to enter the job market
Business roundtables: meetings, discussions and debates with professionals from every sector

3rd year

In Bachelor

Digital marketing & communication

  • Digital law
  • CRM and E-satisfaction
  • Online advertising and media planning on the internet
  • Digital Marketing
  • e-Commerce strategy
  • Digital communication strategy & Community management
  • Digital Graphics
  • Audiovisual
  • Web Design

Luxury Management

  • World Luxury Culture
  • Luxury and events
  • Team management in Luxury
  • Luxury and Merchandising
  • Sales Ceremony
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Luxury Brand Environment
  • Luxury and Know-How
  • Luxury and Web
  • Semester 1


  • Semester 2

    6-month internship in France or abroad
    6-month internship abroad mandatory for International Trade students

International Trade

  • European & Competition Law
  • Supply chain management
  • Credit risk management
  • Customs issues & Foreign exchange risk management
  • Negotiation perspectives
  • Management & Business development
  • Import purchasing: focus on Asia
  • Sourcing / E-sourcing
  • LV2 mandatory: Italian, Spanish or German

Real Estate

  • Commercial planning
  • Goodwill / Commercial leases
  • Real estate financing
  • Urban development
  • Real estate and international
  • Real estate & Sustainable development
  • Real estate negociation
  • Information & Communication Technology

Accounting and HR Management

  • Digital Recruitment, Sourcing & Social Networks
  • Personnel Administration, Occupational Health & Safety
  • Labour Relations Management & Social Auditing
  • Skills development
  • Introduction to HR management
  • GPEC and Compensation
  • HRIS
  • Routine operations and inventory work
  • Employment law


IPAG Innovation Game

A one-week Business Game in teams - all classes included - to learn to work together and resolve a business case proposed by a company

Starting block

A seminar and workshops to help you deepen your professional project and prepare you to land your first job

Individual career coaching

Individual career coaching to improve your marketability

An International Route

Although the Bachelor Pro BTS path is not strictly an international programme so to speak, it nevertheless offers many international opportunities.

Growing in a cross-cultural environment

On Nice campus, you evolve in a multicultural environment alongside more than 1000 students of all nationalities and nearly 20% of the courses are taught by renowned professors from all over the world.

Studying two to three different languages

You can learn up to three languages during your studies: English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Chinese. LV1 English (advanced level) is compulsory, LV2 German, Italian or Spanish (intermediate or advanced level) is optional as well as LV3 Chinese or Russian (beginner level).

Internships abroad

Every year you can complete your internship overseas. If you are a Bachelor student in International Trade, the 6-month internship planned in the 3rd year must be completed abroad.

Internships &
Work-Study Experience

Internships every year

  • In the 1st year: 7 to 8 weeks depending on the course
  • In the 2nd year: 4 to 7 weeks depends on the course of study.
  • In the 3rd year: a 6-month internship in France or in another country, mandatory for International Trade students.




All our BTS training courses can be taken on an apprenticeship basis. This gives you the opportunity to acquire long-term experience "in the field" but also reduces the cost of your tuition by having it financed by the host company.

A Career Centre to guide you

Regardless of whether you are looking for an internship, a job or just looking for advice, our Career Centre is there to help you. You will benefit throughout your studies from its many services: job interview preparation, resume proofreading, recruitment forums, speaking workshops, image control, professional social network management, etc.

Career Opportunities

By degree & Specialisation

After a BTS in Communication

  • Head of Communication
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Event Planning Manager
  • Commercial Consultant
  • Marketing Research Manager
  • Manufacturing assistant
  • Advertising sales representative

After a BTS in Operational Commercial Management

  • Store Manager
  • Department Manager, Sales
  • Account Manager
  • Sales representative

After a BTS in International Trade

  • Commercial import-export
  • Procurement Assistant - International Purchasing
  • Assistant then District Manager
  • International Project Manager
  • Freight agent
  • Head of Sales Administration
  • Account Manager

After a BTS in Real Estate

  • Real Estate Agent
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Development Associate
  • Co-ownership manager
  • Working with social landlords

After a BTS in Management of SMEs

  • Executive Assistant
  • Sales assistant
  • Assistant Manager
  • Human Resources Assistant

After a Bachelor's degree in Marketing & Digital Communication

  • Store Manager
  • Head of Sales
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Community Manager
  • Operational Marketing Manager
  • Communication Project Manager

After a Bachelor's degree in Luxury Management

  • Luxury Product Manager
  • Project Manager for luxury events
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Department Manager

After a Bachelor's degree in International Business

  • International Accounts Manager
  • Commercial in an import / export department
  • International Purchasing Manager
  • International Negotiator

After a Bachelor's Degree in Real Estate

  • Real Estate Negotiator for International Property
  • Real Estate Asset Manager
  • Commercial Real Estate Consultant or Project Manager
  • Commercial Property Sales Agent
  • Real Estate Portfolio Manager
  • Agency Manager*


* For holders of the T card to which BTS holders are entitled

After a Bachelor's degree in Accounting & HR Management

  • Compensation Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Collaborator in an accounting firm
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Manager
  • Investment Accounting Manager

Fees and

Tuitions fees

1st & 2nd year (BTS) entry:

  • €5 300 per year, in case of payment in full
  • €5 500 per year, in case of instalments

3rd year (Bachelor) entry:

  • €7 700 per year, in case of payment in full
  • €7 900 per year, in case of instalments

Work-study Option

During the first two years of the Bachelor Pro BTS Path degree in Nice.

IPAG Scholarships

Family Scholarship

A 25% discount on annual tuition fees is granted to students who have a brother or sister enrolled at IPAG in the Bachelor or any other programme.

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% discount on tuition fees is given to all children of our graduates, regardless of the programme.