Bachelor Pro

  • NICE


  • September


  • 2 days
  • in a work-study
  • or in Initial

Graduation diploma

  • Certified RNCP

Teaching languages

  • French French


IPAG's Bachelor pro is a level 6 degree programme (BAC+3), RNCP IFOCOP title: Operational Marketing Manager : 36727

It is open to students with a 2-year degree or international equivalent. This one-year professional training programme allows you to acquire expertise in terms of marketing strategy and to ensure its operational follow-up.
You will strengthen your skills in one of the 5 areas of specialisation offered on the Nice campus and validated by an IPAG diploma.

  •     Marketing and digital communication
  •     International business
  •     Luxury management
  •     Taxation and real estate management
  •     Finance and accounting

At the end of your programme, you will be ready to enter the job market, but your diploma will also give you the opportunity to continue your studies in a Master's programme.


The 3rd year
Holder of a Bac+2 in France (120 ECTS credits)

  • On Application file + MCQ test + interview in French

Application file content

  • Last three school reports
  • Baccalaureate/High school diploma results or transcript of grades of the early tests
  • Resume (CV)
  • Cover Letter
  • TCF level B2 certificate for graduates with a foreign diploma

The 3 steps of the admissions process

  • Evaluating the application
  • Written tests of logic, English and cultural literacy (30 minutes)
  • 30-minute motivational interview

Find the annals in order to prepare the tests.

• Deputy director of Admissions: Christophe Pivaut
Mail :
• Admissions officer - Nice campus: Théo Montuso
Mail :

  • Description

  • Programme

  • International

  • Career

  • Fees and funding

Bachelor Pro


  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Digital marketing & communication
In this third year of your Bachelor's degree, you will learn to use the knowledge acquired during your two years of BTS in the specific fields of the web and social networks. At the end of your studies, you will be able to design and conduct marketing and digital communication operations, both in agencies and with advertisers. You will also be able to design e-commerce sites and manage a brand's communities on social networks.

International TradeHaving completed a third year of Bachelor's study, you are ready to occupy high-ranking roles than you would with a BTS, whether in the French subsidiary of a foreign group or in the foreign subsidiary of a French company. During this year, you will deepen your knowledge in supply chain, international law, economics and finance. In addition, you will continue your learning of the negotiation techniques with a module of advanced English applied to negotiation techniques.

  • Full time
  • Work-Study

Luxury Management
During this year of Bachelor's study, you will become experts with a triple expertise in management, marketing and digital techniques applied to the luxury industry. The different courses offer you a complete panorama of this universe: history and culture of luxury, luxury law, intercultural management, etc.  You will then be able to design and implement a marketing or communication strategy in the Luxury sector. Throughout the year, you can also choose to continue learning Russian or Chinese, a language skill particularly appreciated by recruiters in the sector.
    Taxation and Property ManagementDuring this 3rd year, you will specialise in real estate asset management by tackling the legal, economic and tax aspects of investment in this field. In particular, you will learn how to draw up an asset assessment, appraise a property, propose an optimisation and investment strategy and meet the needs of all types of clients. This training will enable you to take up positions as a manager, advisor or administrator in a real estate agency, bank or insurance company.

Finance and Accounting
With this 3rd year, you will prepare yourself to work in accounting and financial management. To do this, you will integrate the logic of accounting and analytical organisation, learn to respect procedures, use essential management tools and make a first level analysis of the financial situation of a company. At the end of your course, you will be able to work in a consultancy firm, an expert firm or within a financial or accounting department of a SME, a SMI or a large company.

In Short


3-year Bachelor degree, certified RNCP


In 3rd year
Holder of a Bac+2 in France (120 ECTS credits)
● On Application file + MCQ test + interview in French

Teaching language



1 year



Work Experience

  • 4-month internship
  • Work experience possible


  • Possibility of doing a 6-month internship abroad
  • Obligation to do a 6-month internship abroad for the International Business specialisation

Tuition fees

  • 7 700€ per year upfront if paid in cash
  • 7 900€ per year for an initial course if paid in instalments
  • 8 300€ per year for a study and work courses

3rd Year

Bachelor's degree

Marketing and digital communication

  • Digital law
  • CRM and E-satisfaction
  • Online advertising and media planning
  • Digital Marketing (in English)
  • E-Commerce strategy
  • Digital communication strategy & Community management
  • Digital graphic design
  • Audiovisual
  • Web design

Luxury management

  • Global Luxury Culture
  • Luxury and events
  • Team management in the luxury industry
  • Luxury and Merchandising
  • Sales Ceremony
  • Luxury Marketing
  • Luxury Brand Environment
  • Luxury and Know-How
  • Luxury and Web
  • Semester 1


  • Semester 2

    6-month internship in France or abroad (compulsory abroad for International Business students)

International trade

  • European & Competition Law
  • Supply chain management
  • Credit risk management
  • Customs issues and foreign exchange risk management
  • Negotiation perspectives (in English)
  • Management and business development
  • Import purchasing: focus on Asia
  • Sourcing/ E-sourcing
  • Mandatory LV2: Italian, Spanish or German

Taxation and management of real estate assets

  • Real estate market
  • Legal aspects of real estate
  • Real estate financing
  • Taxation of assets
  • Management of patrimonial clients
  • Methodology of real estate expertise
  • Real Estate Negotiation
  • Ethics and responsibility

Finance and accounting

  • General and analytical accounting
  • Implementation of procedures and management tools
  • Legal and tax management
  • Financial analysis
  • Banking ecosystem
  • International Risk Management
  • Cash management
  • Advanced Excel

Workshops and case studies

IPAG Innovation Challenge

A specific Business Game on the theme of innovation. It lasts one week, takes place in teams and is based on a concrete case submitted by one of our partner companies (Unibail or Le Printemps, for example), which rewards the participants with gift vouchers.

Starting blocks

The Starting Blocks seminar is a very concrete help in the search for a first job: interview preparation, CV proofreading, public speaking, image management, management of professional social networks, salary negotiations, etc.

Career Coaching

The various workshops set up by the Career Center are coupled with personalized follow-up, in the form of career coaching, to optimize your employability.

Numerous opportunities

Although the Bachelor Pro is not an international program per se, it nevertheless offers many opportunities.

A multicultural environment

On the Nice campus, you will work in a multicultural environment, alongside more than 1000 students of all nationalities. In addition, nearly 20% of the courses are taught by professors from around the world.

Up to 3 modern languages

During the course of your studies, you can study up to 3 languages among English, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian or Chinese. LV1 - English (advanced level) - is compulsory, LV2 - German, Italian or Spanish (intermediate or advanced level) - is optional as is LV3 - Chinese or Russian (beginner level).

Internships abroad

Each year, you can do your internship abroad. This option is even compulsory for the 6-months internship in the International Commerce Bachelor's program.

and work-study

Internship Calendar

A 6-months internship in France or abroad (compulsory abroad for International Business students)

Career Center

Whether you are looking for an internship, a job or simply for advice, our Career Center is there to help and support you. Throughout your studies, you will benefit from its many services: interview preparation, CV proofreading, recruitment forums, public speaking workshops, image management, management of professional social networks...

The possibility of doing a apprenticeship

This BTS can be followed in apprenticeship. This is an opportunity to gain professional experience over a longer period of time and also to reduce the cost of your education by having it financed by the host company.

After a Bachelor in Marketing and Digital Communication

  • Store manager
  • Sales manager
  • Account manager
  • Sales representative
  • Community manager
  • Operational marketing manager
  • Communication project manager

After a Bachelor in Luxury Management

  • Luxury product manager
  • Project manager for luxury events
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Customer relations manager
  • Department manager

After a Bachelor in Finance and Accounting

  • Accountant
  • Accountant's assistant
  • Financial analyst
  • Management controller

After a Bachelor in International Business

  • International customer account manager
  • Sales representative in an import/export department
  • International purchasing manager
  • International negotiator

After a Bachelor's degree in Taxation and Real Estate Management

  • Wealth Manager
  • Wealth management consultant
  • Asset manager
  • Wealth manager
  • Insurance consultant

Fees and

Tuition fees

  • 7 700€ per year upfront if paid in cash
  • 7 900€ per year for an initial course if paid in instalments
  • 8 300€ per year for a study and work courses

Work-Study Option

It is possible to alternate between the two years of the BTS, which allows you to have your studies financed by the company that recruits you under an apprenticeship or professionalization contract.

IPAG Scholarships

Alumni Scholarship

A 10% discount on tuition fees is given to all children of our graduates, regardless of the programme.

Family Scholarship

A 25% discount on annual tuition fees is granted to students who have a sibling enrolled at IPAG in the Grande École programme or any other programme.