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Contribute to the improvement of our programmes


All programmes at IPAG are updated annually in order to meet future developments of the business world. Day after day, we improve our education with you.

Courses updated each year

One of IPAG’s golden rules is to make sure our programmes are perfectly in line with the realities and expectations of the business world and recruiters. The 8 departments of our faculty meet twice a year in order to update our courses, ensure their consistency and develop their transversality. This improvement process could not be carried out without you: whether you are an IPAG alumni or not, a manager, a consultant or an entrepreneur, your expertise is vital to our educational agility.


The IPAG Circle from the perspective of recruiters

The IPAG Circle is the corporate improvement committee of IPAG. It is composed of school graduates, all business executives and is consulted twice a year in order to evaluate our pedagogical innovations. As both job creators and IPAG alumni, its members bring a dual and perfectly suited perspective to our project: they are familiar with the needs of companies, but also with our school’s values and ambition, which is why their advice is of such interest to us.

" Your expertise ensures the quality of our courses "


The IPAG business circles: sectoral monitoring tools

As professional networks connecting our alumni, the IPAG business circles regularly present our educational team with ideas for improvement. From marketing to human resources, finance, digital and real estate, their members meet 2 to 3 times a year to decipher current and future developments of the business world, sector by sector. IPAG greatly values their recommendations.

8 IPAG business circles

- Marketing and Communication
- Commercial Strategy and Sales
- International Trade, Logistics and Purchasing
- Finance, Management Control and Audit
- Wealth Management and Real Estate
- Human Resources and CSR
- Entrepreneurship and Innovation
- Digital

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