“Work-study month” is go

19 Apr 2022


From 19 April to 19 May, it’s “Work-study month” at IPAG. Organised by the school’s Career Centre, this event is for all students enrolled in work-study courses, from the BTS (two-year vocational training degree) to the Grande École Programme (five years), including the professional Bachelor's degree (three years).

More than 30 companies taking part

This year, participating companies will have a 60-minute video-conference session with IPAG students to introduce themselves, promote their work-study placements and explain their recruitment methods. It is an opportunity to reinforce their employer brand and attract highly qualified applicants.

These virtual meetings, which will take place from midday to 1 pm and 5 to 6 pm, Monday to Friday, on TEAMS, are open to all IPAG students. There will be at least ten work-study placement opportunities per company to discover.

There will be just over thirty partners present this time, including medium-sized companies and large groups, such as: Disneyland, Caisse d'épargne, Groupama, Lidl, Unilever, Grenke, Skilleos, Thales, CIC, Decathlon, HPE, Mondéléz, La Maison du Chocolat, Amundi, Mane et fils, Capgemini, Prisma Presse, Saint Gobain…

The Career Center invites you to the "Mois de l'Alternance".


Dedicated support

Workshops are also being held over the coming four weeks to help students find a work-study placement: “How to create a mind-blowing CV?”; “How does work-study fit in with your career plan?”; “Which tools are available to find offers that suit me?”; “How to feel comfortable in an interview?”…

In addition to the above, the Career Centre team is available at set times during the week to answer any questions that students may have about work-study, review their CVs, offer advice, and generally provide support until they sign their placement contract.

Pour compléter ce dispositif, le Career Center assure des permanences hebdomadaires spécifiques pour répondre à toutes les questions que les étudiants peuvent se poser sur l’alternance, pour relire leur CV, leur donner des conseils et les accompagner jusqu’à ce qu’ils signent leur contrat.

Work-study at IPAG

For many years already, IPAG has been committed to ensuring access to quality higher education for all. This is why it enables its students to complete one or two years of work-study during their course, within the following programmes:

Students who choose the work-study path do not have to pay their tuition fees, which will be covered by the host company’s OPérateur de COmpétences (OPCO, a state-approved body supporting professional training). Furthermore, in France, work-study placement students hold the status of employee, enjoy better pay than interns, and have more time to develop skills and take on responsibilities. For all of these reasons, as well as the government allowance granted to companies that hire an apprentice, work-study is growing fast in the French higher education landscape.

At IPAG, the number of students in the final two years of the Grande École Programme on a work-study placement has increased by 40% in one year. There has been a similar increase in the BTS (vocational training) programme, and at least one third of students taking an Online MSc. are enrolled in a work-study placement.


Le Career Center invite you to  "the Work study month".

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