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What pursuit after a two-year degree (BTS/HND)?

11 February 2020

What pursuit after a two-year degree (BTS/HND)?


As an undergraduate student, you will shortly be graduating with two-year degree or bachelor degree: BTS, DUT, Licence… and you're wondering what possible educational pursuits or opportunities exist? After our orientation guide to help you choose the right advanced education For those who ask themselves the question "what to do after the baccalaureate" we introduce you to all the possibilities available to you after a 2-year degree!



Pursue your studies after a 2-year higher education degree (bac+2)

Are you approaching the end of your studies and you feel the need to continue your studies to boost your professional ambitions? Various training courses are accessible and available depending on your needs and ambitions: be it in business schools, long or short studies, or to study abroad. After a BTS or after a DUT in IUT or a Bachelor's degree at university, different options are possible.


Licence/Public bachelor

You can get a general bachelor's degree in a public institution such as a university to acquire solid knowledge in the desired field: management, HR, accounting, mathematics, etc. This is a broad education that will give the student the theoretical basis to continue his or her studies or to enter the job market after graduation.


The professional licence

Once you have completed your studies, you can join a professional licence or "licence pro", which is recognized for its professionalizing aspect thanks to the obligation to do an internship in a company for a minimum of 12 weeks. The complementary professional experience included in the professional licenses is very much appreciated by recruiters, especially if you wish to apply and find a job after graduation.


L Business School Bachelor's Degree

Lastly, for those of you who aren't afraid of exams/tests, you can attend business schoolen Bachelor and get a degree with a strong international and professional dimension, enabling you to complete your future application to study abroad. The business school opportunities  are often, in the eyes of some students, more attractive!


Move to another country after a 2-year higher education diploma (Bac+2)

For those who would like to experience new horizons, learn a language or live in immersion in a new culture... it is possible for you to go international after graduation! Whatever your professional project, going abroad can be done through different paths.

Studying Abroad

Do you wish to pursue your studies while bringing an international flavor to them? You can perfectly complete one or more years of study abroad by enrolling at a foreign university or by joining a Grande Ecole that has a large network of partner universities around the world and offers programs that allow you to complete your studies with a semester of study or professional experience abroad.


Take a year off

Is your career plan still vague? Having a hard time projecting yourself? Or do you simply want to take a break before reorienting yourself, specializing or pursuing your studies? Take advantage of a gap year during which you can benefit from an international but also professional, humanitarian and human experience. This type of experience justifies your ease in adapting to any situation but also your resourcefulness in getting out of your comfort zone. Finally, depending on the activity you will carry out during this gap year, it may prove to be a real springboard for your future professional integration.


Reorientation after a 2-year higher education degree

Already have two years of studies under your belt and you realize that you are not going in the right direction? You no longer like the sector in which you have been working in recent months, you have a clearer idea of your ambitions and you want to change direction? It's time for you to switch lanes! How can I do that? By explaining and justifying your new choice as soon as you apply to join a school. There is no "wrong path" or "fatal mistake", you just need to clearly define your project so that you can explain the motivations that will allow you to integrate the schools you are considering. And even if some schools are specialized and prefer candidates with a background closer to their field, your profile may be perfectly suited to the sector that you covet!


Job insertion after a 2-year higher education diploma (Bac+2)


Once you decide to go to graduate school, students are generally encouraged to continue their studies after two years. The fact of the matter is that these two years are not always enough to guarantee a student the position they want after graduation. Lack of experience, knowledge... justify the fear of recruiters. Nevertheless, as each career path is unique and different, we cannot guarantee that your professional integration would be difficult: some professions give priority to professional experience over studies!

Also note that this does not commit you in any way... you can always go back to your studies: Grandes Ecoles with parallel admissions, validation of experience acquired in business school or university, returning to your studies...


Where do I find tips on what to do after graduating from a two-year degree?

Still undecided? Confused in your choice? To conclude, don't forget that you can call on experts to help you make the right choices to achieve your aspirations. You can choose between different representatives who will be able to guide you through the various options available to you:


  • Fairs/Events where you can meet students who are currently enrolled in the school they represent. Their experience is still fresh and they have probably experienced and felt the same doubts as yours.
  • The career counsellors who are present in your institution have a wider vision of the options available to you: professions, programs, training courses, schools... They can offer you a wide range of solutions.
  • The teachers who are with you throughout your education are familiar with your profile and will be able to help you focus on what's best for you, what your background may be relevant to!